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  1. Im trying to draw a sandal and it needs to have the contours in the sole. Any suggestions on how to do this? Ive extruded just the shape of the shoe. But of course its very flat and shows no depressions or taper on the sides. Subdivision could work but not sure its the best method. Ive been trying to subtracy large spheres out of the top of the “sandal” but this is oddly kinda challenging. Nubs breaks the shoe into 4 sides and surfaces

  2. I was more so referring to seeing it the resource browser data section. So one could confirm they have all the info needed to know which “part” they have selected. Of course you can name a symbol, but need something with more detail you can see right on the fly when drafting.


    It could sit in the same spot as record data. Would be great if you could just upload a pdf attached to a symbol or component

  3. I actually watched that video a few times.  Got pretty close to that but again was looking for how others might go about this as my results were not that great. Sometimes you question if your workflow is all wrong! I attached a quick pdf and the photo I was attempting to use.  Im only experimenting in order to get better with texture creation/appearance.


    Bathroom Model.pdf


  4. Ive done this a few times quick and dirty but never seems to look quite right. Im trying to create a texture out of a real world photo of the flooring intended to be used. I create a new texture using the image photo. Seems no matter how I align or scale or offset it seems i always see the dreadded repitition of the texture leaving it looking unrealistic. Was hoping maybe someone could share their method in creating these types of textures.?

  5. Im trying to collaborate with another who uses chief architect. Is any one familiar with this program? Im not and the files Im getting appear to be models but are atually just flattened 2 d line work no model. The collaborator is just atarting out, so their knoledge is limited.. thought id see if anyone here had ecperience with the above in the mean time.

  6. Cad command prompt has 2 issues with it imo. 1. It requires you know all the commands. So if you dont your limited right from the get go.


    2. I find it far more easy to hit A key for a tool rather tan typing the word and sifting thru the multiple functions and then having to select and return. Requires more keystrokes. 


    3. Not command line related. But I found it silly that the command im in doesnt hold. I have to right click or hit return to reactivate that same command. So drawing 3 lines requires activating the command 3 times, why not hold the command until its deactivated?? It took me a while to get used to that.


    i also prefer vw object info pallet over the list command. No need for any command just have a glace and its all right there. Command line feels ancient to me. Im 34 nca. Def not old school haha. 

  7. Well thats why I started this thread to get some additional opinions. I did fee the 3d aspect was simpler.  Maybe id be more impressed with the windows version. 


    Not being able to assign shortcut keys was a big downer. Lack of scale bars and library type items was surprising. 


    One huge thing is information feedback and smart hints. VW while not always clear does provide a explination in every field or on every tool. While the command line does soething similar.. i often was left wondering "what does this do?" Especially in menus and preference settings. 

  8. Im not sure if it was ported or designed for. Seems like an workflow that was designed years ago, with a fresh coat of paint. While I did like the way some things were approached.. I was often left feeling amazed at the lack of adjustability to tool pallets as there is none. No txt option for tool icons, and some of the commands require alot more input than VW. I guess I didnt realize how good we Vw users have it. Maybe that will change w more time in the software. As it looks like Ill be dealing in both. Heck 2015 version seemed better than the most recent 2017 imo.

  9. Been a user of vw for quite some time, tho like many started on ACAD. i had a chance to spend some time with the 2017 mac version, and boy did it make me appreciate VW! Maybe just my experience but ACad for mac feels archaic at best, and i was amazed at how limited it was. Curious if any other users are in an enviorment that uses both? Experiences? Props to VW for make such big strides in intuative commands. 

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  10. Couldnt help but notice roadway nurbs vs roadway poly? Ive always used roadway nurbs? Whats the difference?


    update: Ive been duped by the workspace editor again. 😕 Found it.

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