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  1. reflection of person on glass door behind him reflects the person's front... Carlos
  2. Yes Moto2, I have... no adjustment
  3. as a follow up, I know there's a way to adjust the thumb wheel speed, but the lowest setting still moves my drawing off screen with the slightest motion. Is there a way to adjust this within VW? Mark: any tips? many thx! Carpalmer
  4. just got the LOGI MX MASTER S and would like to tweak / adjust the horizontal rolling option. When using VW 2019, the roller feature pans WAY too much and throws the drawing off screen... Is there a way to adjust the amount of screen movement? Thanks Carpalmer
  5. WOW! thx Alan, looks grt. Never used knife or deform tool... will check them out Carlos P
  6. thx Mark, it wasn't, an once closed it worked! Carlos P
  7. neither command works on this shape extrude fails to extrude polygon correctly, and ONLY extrudes sides (as opposed to extruding polygon plane) drape doesn't work at all... Furthermore, the shape I need would entail sloping down the spiral at the broader end... how would you do such a shape??? any suggestions? thx!
  8. Luis did u get file? looking forward to your insight thx Carlos P
  9. using VW17 w/ latest SP 1. when I render realistic exterior fast with edges option I get edges significantly offset from where they should be... this happened before the SP1 as well anyone else aware of this? see attached This is a bug, pls advise, respond.
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