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  1. Under the workspace editor you can can add MENU items to the pet palettes, but I don't believe you can add tools - unless you write a vectorscript "menu" item to activate the tool and place the scripted menu in your palette.
  2. I had thought that "Force Select" would set the active layer and class to the object - but it doesn't appear to. I've resorted to the individual "activate layer" and "activate class" via an existing object. Is there a way to combine both of these operations into a single procedure?
  3. Kadayi, I think I understand what you're asking for. If you double click the sheet viewport - it will ask you whether you want to edit the crop, annotation, or design layers. Select the "design layers" option. It will then warp you magically to those design layers in the same configuration as they are displayed in the viewport (this is exactly what the "saved views" does as well). Once you have come out of the magical warp and are in the "design layers" you can simply save that configuration as a "saved view" by right clicking in the "views" part of the Navigation palette and selecting "New" or by selecting "Save View" under the Views menu. You will then have what you're looking for. As an aside, I find double clicking the viewport and going to the design layers easier. That way, I'm not maintaining both the Saved Views and the Viewport configurations as the drawing evolves. If you have a huge number of viewports that you want to convert to Saved Views - then the PanzerCad add-on is the way to go. (Thanks for the teamwork Ray)
  4. Christiaan, Perhaps you could accomplish this using the class override portion of the viewports? I haven't tried using the eye dropper tool to transfer viewport attributes, but if this indeed did work for class overrides, then you could consistently transfer a second set of class settings (i.e. colors) after setting them up just once. What do you think?
  5. I'm curious what exactly you're after. Perhaps you could elaborate? Since a "Sheet" can be made up of multiple viewports, I don't know how you could turn them all into a saved view simultaneously. If you double click a viewport on a sheet, it will take you to a dialog which will allow you to activate the design layers which are displayed in the viewport. Another possible resource is: < http://www.panzercad.com/ > They provide an add-on (for a modest fee) that allows you to create views from viewports and vice versa.
  6. Here's an easy one: Currently the Misc. Keys portion of the workspace only supports a single keystroke. It would be really helpful to be able to add modifier keys to access these functions. In my case I find the mode groups invaluable. I happen to have them keyed to my mouse buttons. However, since there are four mode groups, that takes up quite a few mouse buttons. An easy fix would be to have modifier keys alter which mode group is toggled. Perhaps the Misd. Key functions could also be added to the "All Tools" portion of the workspace? Thanks.
  7. OK, I'm thrilled with the successful operation of so many of the things I've asked for over the last year or so. Snapping to Gray Layers works splendidly - Thank You! The "Stack Layers" view really works now and allows me to actually work in 3D - which due to a number of minor bugs I couldn't do in v. 12.0. So, now that I see what VW is capable of in terms of snappable editable 3D working environments - I have a glimpse of what could in fact be possible: Imagine a variation on Stack Layers where a defined "cut plane" could hide all of the model elements either behind or in front of it. The solids that were cut through would then poche' (similar to section viewports). In this way, you could finally work within a "live" section. The assumption is that if you moved an object up or down, the whole object would move (even though part of it remained hidden). Ah yes, the holy grail ... the editable section. With the memory of the cut tool, the section viewport technology, and the functionality of "stack layers," this finally seems possible. And if not ... well it's a "wish list" afterall.
  8. Piggybacking on the plant idea - I'd like to see the ability to write to library files rather than just reading from them via the Resource Browser. This would allow users to drag and drop customized objects from individual working files into the appropriate library files without needing to manually open each library file and then move the symbols.
  9. You can lock the angle by: "Set Grid" to the angle that you want and then use the "constrained" dimension tool. Even after the grid is rotated to normal, the dimension will remain locked to the original angle. It's a bit cumbersome, but I've found that the "set grid" command is so often used for a variety of tasks that I've added it to my pet palette.
  10. I've tried activating the "stack layers" feature in 12.5 and so far have been unable to do so. It's grayed out in the menu and even a new empty file with multiple layers (of the same scale, etc...) won't make the feature live. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it unique to me?
  11. I've inserted a cased opening in a wall. In this situation, however, the wall does not go all the way to the ground plane, floor, or other horizontal surface. When the door/wall is rendered, an artifact is displayed which shows the bottom plane of the door opening. So, how do you get around this?? Thanks.
  12. This may or may not work - I'm not using an intel machine and I'm using a Logitech MX500 ... but chances are it will so try this: In the logitech configuration -> "wheel button" -> set to "advanced click" -> Set "type" to "click" and Button Number to "3". Good Luck!
  13. How about saving details as symbols. These can be categorized in files by their typology or simply named with prefixes and placed in a master file. The symbol pallete makes previews a snap. Objects 'convert to group' when inserted into a drawing for easy editing. In the above scenario, classes aren't used, layers are used for differing scales.
  14. I'm glad I looked at this thread ... the round window problem has vexed me for some time as well. On the people side of the equation, you may be better off with image props. I recall purchasing some "watercolor people" from Vector Depot some time ago. They add a presentation quality look but also serve to keep the file size small.
  15. I haven't experienced this per se - but I would like to chime in and say that Aborting processes that go awry seem pretty hit and miss. I recently tried using the profile mode of the polygon tool inside a viewport and to my chagrin, it tried to profile EVERYTHING. None of the typical abort methods would dislodge it from trying to complete its task. On another occassion, I selected "Final Quality-Radiosity" instead of "Final Quality - Renderworks" - after realizing that I had set myself up for a 10 hour render wait, I had to resort to force-quitting the application. You might consider putting a radiation symbol next to the radiosity choices or a "are you sure" second dialogue - for those unfamiliar with the wait in store for them.
  16. Nicholas, Excellent! That took care of it. It's possible that I brought the Bolt & Nut - Inch tool in with the rest of my custom tools. FYI, it was located under the "All Tool" palette. The Fastener tool looks versatile. Thanks,
  17. Nicholas, Could you explain a little further? When I pull up the mode bar options, none of the settings appear to control 3D visibility. I'm using the Bolt & Nut - Inch tool found in the "Machine Design" of VW Designer. From the manuals, I know it's possible and readily done, but I seem unable to reproduce those results.
  18. Is it possible to "convert 2d to 3d objects" using the bolt and nut tool? I currently get an error message every time I try it. Or, are we supposed to then make up the bolt, washer, and nut separately? Thanks,
  19. It's pretty common (with walls in particular) that if I change the settings of an object to use the "class texture" that it won't actually change the rendering of the object. I've found that I often have to arbitrarily change the object rendering to any other class and then back to get the "class texture" attributes to engage. Is this a known bug, or unique to me? Along those lines, I've found that doors and windows will pick up elements of the walls that they are in, i.e. the leaf fill of a door will match the fill color of the wall. However, if the class style (i.e. fill color) of the wall is updated, the leaf color will not automatically update. I used to be able to pull the window or door out of the wall and then re-insert it. But, w/ VW 12, I haven't found this work around to be effective. Thoughts?
  20. In the render tab of the OIP, I would find it helpful to group: "None" & "Class Texture" at the top of the list (rather than one at the top and one at the bottom). Better yet, would be to have the two above mentioned options followed by a visual break line and then the most recently selected classes (similar to the way the font menu is now organized) followed by a break line and then the whole list of classes. It's a real strain on the eye to try and consitently pick a class out of the whole stack.
  21. Logitech Mx500 - It's an 8 button mouse plus the scroll. I'm intrigued that you're 310 doesn't work with Pan. I have my wheel button set to "advanced click" and then "button number 3" which activates the pan function seamlessly. You might give that a try. The eight buttons is great! It may sound like a lot, but it helps to balance the load between the mousing and the hot keys. A couple tricks that I've learned over the last few years: ? I have the right click button activated by the escape key. I also have the selection tool activated by the escape key, so right clicking will drop me out of whatever tool I'm in and re-engage the selection tool. ? I've set up the mode groups to buttons on the mouse. Gone are the days of going back and forth to the mode bar ... and operations like offset, I can toggle up the offset distance with a mouse button and type it in with my left hand in rapid succession. ? Like Travis, I also have buttons for enter and exit groups - which works seamlessly with forward and back on my web browser. I actually bought it because it was the largest most comfortable mouse I could find and will ergonomically support the weight of my hand at rest. But after using it, I'm convinced that it's range of buttons offers great versatility.
  22. Or how about just holding a scale up to the screen? No, seriously, the feedback is enlightening. I'll try NickB's suggestion and given time, I'll add this to the Wish list items.
  23. I like using stack layers ... but how do you double check measurements? The ruler, line, etc.. are all disabled.
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