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  1. Yes, just came back to my computer after leaving it for 20 mins & the message has popped up on the screen. BG
  2. Hi Katie I had just changed the colour of a line and about 5 secs after doing this the message popped up. Regards Brett
  3. Hi Katie Will try and get some indication of what is being done, it is very random and doesn't happen often. It has even popped up when the programe is sitting idle. Brett
  4. Just installed VW12.5 in our office and everyone is getting the following error message. The specified file could not be found or the file name has been incorrectly specified (failure on attempt to open file) This message just pops up occasionaly when doing nothing and after hitting Ok, goes away without seeming to cause any problems. Is this anything to worry about? Cheers BG VWA12.5 WinXP
  5. Have set the default arrow head to be an open type (Tools > Options > Arrow Heads) and this is reflected in the attribute palette - but when a line is drawn the arrow head in the attribute palette changes to a solid filled arrow. Classes are not set to "use at creation" so it is not classes that are doing this. How do you get an open arrow to be the default? Thanks BG VWA12.5 WinXP
  6. This is still very high on our wishlist. BG
  7. This is also going to cause problems for users in NZ. Stairs/ramps always have arrows pointing up. I guess the arrows can be manually drawn. BG
  8. BG

    Polar Array

    I want to draw rafters in section on a curved roof. Is there a way to do a polar array and specify the distance between rafters, the number and the radius? Or is there another way? Thanks BG VWA11 WinXP
  9. Hamma, I agree that this would be a great option to have. BG
  10. We would love this feature added. BG
  11. Our office is running VW11.0.1 with no problems. We did install 11.5 on a couple of PC's, but have reverted back to 11.0.1 due to stability problems. After using 11.5 for a while, I can say that there are no major improvements that will make you more productive than using 11. We also like to keep up to date, but are waiting for further maintenance releases of V12 to come out. BG VWA11.0.1 WinXP
  12. Everyone here would love to see the ablity to select objects that are stacked on top each other. We currently use all sorts of work-arounds and "sending to the back" is not always desirable. We have tools for moving or copying selected items from a remote reference point. I think these tools came from Ozcad. They should be integrated into standard VW. BG
  13. When an item is locked I wish that it couldn't be copied. You shouldn't be able to do anything to a locked item except snap to it. BG
  14. BG

    Worksheet hell

    I agree with your comments. The worksheets do need a major improvement to make them more user friendly. Have you looked at Ozcads "Worksheet on drawing" add on? It's only $20 US and provides some nice functionality that standard VW doesn't. BG
  15. BG

    splay wall

    We don't have v12 so can't comment too much, but this seems like a perfect example of a "new feature" added to VW that doesn't work properly. Are the new tools not fully tested prior to release? Obviously not. This sort of problem is why we are very hesitant to upgrade until maintenance versions are released. BG
  16. Repeat last command - this has been asked for many times, but it would be nice to see this feature added. Also, it would good to ba able to turn off classes be clicking on an object. BG
  17. Have you tried making the border "white". The same thing happens using VW11. BG
  18. Have you tried the "sheet layer setup" available at Vectordepot? This would change all 50 sheets in one go, which can then be batch printed. BG
  19. Definitely need to have the ability to rotate the working view. Tried the "rotate drawing" command but this creates havoc with the drawing and is not a viable option. It is just one of those simple but very useful tools. Be good also to have a "split screen" option. Thanks BG The VW12 features look good.
  20. When I exported a drawing sheet with viewports it seemed the design layer also got exported. Is this how it works? Is it not possible to export the sheet as it looks on the screen? I didn't really want to export the design layer. BG
  21. Dan Each layer should be set to the correct height (z height) before drawings anything. This is done in the layers setup dialogue. It is simpler this way because if you draw things without assigning a height then you will have to manually "move" them to the correct height later. To link the layers together for 3d viewing you should be on the "blank" model layer you have just created. Then choose "view" "create layer link", select the layers you wish to view, (don't check the show 2d option) and hey presto, there are the layers in all their 3d glory! - hopefully if all set up correctly! Cheers BG PS Assigning layer heights after you have already drawn items, will not change the height of these items. It will only affect subsequent items drawn.
  22. Also agree, this should be on the top of the priorty list. Our old 2d CAD programme we used 10 yrs ago had this functionality. It is a basic requirement for a CAD programme. The buildings we are designing virtually always have "odd" angles which makes drawing in VW a lot slower than it should be. BG VWA11.0.1 WinXP
  23. Just put a locus or line where you want the edge of the door jamb to be and then drag the door using the "2d selection tool" and grabbing the edge of the door jamb as machuofm described. Make sure you have the "wall insertion mode" unselected or you might find you drag the door "out" of the wall. BG
  24. I think this is a glitch in the way viewports work. You shouldn't have to turn on the class in two locations. The viewport class settings should override the global class settings. If the class is turned on in the viewport & "show snap others" is selected, then you should be able to snap to it. BG
  25. After importing in to a blank file, if you don't want to change all of the class names, you can simply delete all of the classes except "none" and "dimension" then everything will be on the "none" class. BG
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