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  1. Ahh!!! Yes OpenGL. My computer is taking way to long on Renderworks to try things out. Should have made a simple model for testing.
  2. Photoshop glow helped as it made the pixels bigger, however it looks like the image mask doesn't work with the the semi-transparent "glow" on the edges. I can not get any light emitted from the object though. Tried a bunch of lighting settings. Thanks johnq
  3. Hi, I am using an image mask texture to simulate pixels on a low res, transparent LED panel. Looks alright, but I would like to add glow to show how it looks with content. I don't necessarily need light from the screen on surrounding objects, but at least a bright "lit up" look on the screen itself. Any ideas how to accomplish this? Texture glow options are not doing anything. Thanks johnq
  4. Thanks Pat! Didn't realize there was another checkbox!! So much to learn...
  5. Aw, thank you!! Didn't realize that that I would carry the last selected values into the new custom standard. One more quick question, I am using dual dimensions and have to add "mm" as Trailer to each dimension. Is there a way to safe this in the standard?
  6. Hi, Is there a way to make a custom dimension standard from an existing default standard? Similar to AutoCAD where you can just copy and modify any used standard. I want to use a default ASME standard and just change the text style. Thanks johnq
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