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  1. one  more thing, on a different subject.   About 2 years ago, on the forums, I reported I could not open VW 2015  because it gave me a dialog box "requires activation by the internet".  At that time, you said to ignore the message and just keep clicking the "try again" button.  That worked.    However, without explanation, it doesn't work anymore.  I can open VW2014, but not VW2015.  This behavior occurs on my MacBook, but I do most of my work on my iMac.  Both versions open just fine on the iMac.   Is there anything I can do to get this working on my Macbook again?   (Today I clicked "try again" over 40 times without success.   I am certain VW2015 is not running on my iMac while trying it on my Macbook.)

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      my late 2010 Macbook Air is on OS 10.10.5 and VW 2015 is using Service Pack 5.     I tried upgrading the MacOS 6 months ago and found it caused problems unrelated to VW, so I used time machine to restore OS 10.10.5.   Perhaps you might be on to something about the Mac OS, but I don't know how to change it because the newer MacOS caused massive battery use and slower website performance.  I don't want to mess that up again.  (I actually bought a new battery, and after installation realized it was the change to new OS causing the issues.)

    3. domer1322


      OK ....   thanks

      before I try the full reinstall ....    can I do it by simply deleting the program application (without deleting all the associated files, like libraries, plug-ins, plant database) and then copy and paste the application off of my iMac into my Mac Book ?

    4. PVA - Admin

      PVA - Admin

      This is possible, but runs the risk of keeping elements that are causing the problem in the first place. I reocmmend making a copy of all customized elements, moving them off to a separate folder on the desktop or in your documents, then doing a full reinstall and see if that resolves things first. If that works, then shut down VW and replace the various backed up elements after to make sure the issue does not recur.

  2. Jim:

     thanks for looking into this.  Here are the two files, used together to make the animation that has the line and tree "chop off" problem.   I think I've noticed the "tree chop" problem on other files I have done.  As stated before, they are very large.  Please don't laugh at my non-standard naming for layers/classes, I am an amateur at this .... (now retired).  Anything that has a name including 'rpm' in the title is my way of saying that I made it myself.


    For what it is worth, this building is now being built, after 12 years of cake sales and golf outings to raise money.  I built this CAD model for the non-profit to use.


    While I'm at it ....   now that I'm retired, I don't make any money using VW but I would like to keep using it for charity groups, churches, etc.     Is there any way I can get a discount for upgrading it ?   Right now I figure in a few years I'll just have to switch to SketchUp or some other cheaper CAD program .... but I don't want to.



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