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  1. Does anyone know if Vectorworks 9.0.1 can import DWG files from Microstation? I'm not sure which version of Microstation we're talking about here, but any information would be helpful.
  2. Brooks, thank you for your well stated argument in favor of the return of the Extend tool. I couldn't have said it better myself! As for me, I'm not an AutoCad refugee (although I've spoken with others who are about the Extend command), I am one who has been using the program in a certain way for several years now and the Extend command was part of my regular repertoire. The old adage "why fix it if it ain't broken" seems to fit well here. The Extend command was very functional because you could extend multiple lines within a given command, where you must now click and drag each line individually to the desired location. It's quite useful for setting up layout lines and grids and expanding those grid lines once they are established. I would vote to return it to the next version of the program. Shall we put it to a forum-wide vote? Jeff Fornuto
  3. Thanks for the reply Katie. Where can I find Connect/combine on the tool palette?
  4. We recently upgraded to version 9.0.1 and I have recently discovered that the extend command no longer appears in the 2D tools palette anywhere. I love this command and would like to have it back. Please help!
  5. I'm sure there are some CAD templates of people that have been developed by MiniCad users out there if you do a little searching. What I've been doing though, is scanning images of people that I like from magazines, (unlike the 'square' fashion statements you find in the architectural tracing books) importing them as Pict files and either tracing them by hand or doing a bitmap trace (which you'll find at the bottom of the tools menu.) Once you scan a few, you'll develop a nice library of hipsters to use in your elevations! Good luck. ------------------
  6. I just tried importing a AutoCad 14 .dwg file and received this error message: "Open DWG Library error 8 This DWG version is not supported." Any bright ideas?
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