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  1. Yes which was very helpful. except due to the .. slightly shonky way I've done my tags I need 4 to do various door configurations, but hadn't classed the doors and tags per type as I didn't think this issue would come up. So there was some messing around but have now just reclassed everything so that if it happens again It's much quicker to fix. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Not that I noticed? Honestly don't remember seeing any but it's possible. The work to click and drag each point is also about the same as to just re-tag them all for me anyway.
  3. Hello Kostadin, Will message you sepetately about sending the file, though I sent it to uk tech support last night. I didn't do anything specific to make them unlink. No one has touched them for about a week, they just seem to have unlinked at some point in the last couple of days of normal project use. Sam
  4. I've essentially done the most boring bit now anyway, as all the tags were classed up neatly, I just select all. delete those instances, and then just retag all objects which hold that record, and then spend about half an hour fiddling round. It's more the potential for it to be considerably more boring in other circumstances that worries me and the not knowing whyy. Sam
  5. My signiture is in fact out of date. We are all on SP2. It was one of the rest of the team who pointed it out to me.
  6. Spent quite a while working on the classes as it's quite intricate and the fact that I can have a replaced one and an existing one side by side with one behaving normally seems to suggest it's a bug then. Hurray! I'll start replacing things. Thanks for your help though! Sam
  7. Hi, Yep, tried Redefining the tag with the exact method you described, but had no effect. However if I deleted an instance of a tag and then reapplied the tag to that same object it would display as expected . I also tried redefining the text to a new filed in the same record, restarting Vectorworks, but it had the same issue, and likewise if I deleted the instance of the tag and reapplied the same tag to the object it would behave as expected while the other old tags still in the file (of the same style) were not displaying as expected. Hope that makes sense, I've said tag too many times, S
  8. Hello, Working on a project file with 5 others. On just opening the file, a set of my data tags are not showing the record data despite it being there. If I delete and reapply the data tag It shows up no problem. Have tried restarting vectorworks but still the same. Is there any way to fix this without deleting the tags and reapplying them manually? or is it a known issue? To my knowledge no one has editted the tags for over a week so don't believe it's user error. Many thanks in advance, Sam
  9. Just wondering if this is standard behavior, The other day I installed Vectorworks viewer on my machine so I could see what the designer I was sending a file to would be able to see and what functionality he'd have. I noticed it installed at "Vectorworks 2019" and subsequently I wasn't able to open any of my actual drawings as it had replaced actual Vectorworks as the default program, or was just confused as there were two Vectorworks 2019's on the machine. Fair enough, I then uninstalled Vectorworks Viewer to correct this. But as part of the uninstall it removed folders from actual Vectorworks meaning I had to do a fresh install of the program and excellently wasted an hour. This all seems quite bizzare to me given surely the program should be just called "Vectorworks Viewer 2019"? Or am I just being dense/missing something? Sam
  10. Hello everyone , Just wanting to check, When making a custom data tag, I was stumped as to why the format and field was showing up as empty in the "define tag field" dialogue. But when using "Link text to record" I could see all my records were there, although they wouldn't actually link despite appearing as though they should. After some trial and error I discovered that it can only make the link to the record when the record is in the working files default resource browser location. Whenever a record was in a folder it was unable to make the link. However when the link was established it could live in any folder very happily. Is this correct behaviour? It seems odd to me but I may have just been staring at it too long. Thanks in advance, Sam
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