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  1. Hello, Looks like it has been working fine for me now, something must have changed, may be with the new service pack. Still don't know why it was happening and how is it solved.
  2. Thanks for your time Kevin. Looks like there are some other feature checked on/off somewhere else, as the viewports are up to date and I even reset them by changing to wireframe and back to hidden lines. Also checked the "Display out-of-date border" on, and made sure no red borders showing. So I rendered the same object in Design Layer using Hidden Line and same result - hidden objects are showing through the overlapping objects. Then I exported the file to open in 2017 - and it immediately showed desired results in 2017. (See attached) I should keep looking for other factors that are affecting this to happen in 2018. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am making a spec drawing of a simple kiosk, showing all 4 sides (Front, Back, Side & Top) on a sheet layer. I am using VW 2018. I've used Hidden Line render mode. For some reason it is not hiding everything, please see attached screenshot. Notice in the back view of the kiosk, it should hide the horizontal lines for the counter top (which is in front) but it still shows, same with the little sign box on the top. Although it hides the TV in the middle. Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong. BTW this feature worked fine in VW 2017. Thanks a lot.
  4. I experienced this as well. Also the "Start Batch Render" & "Progress" windows stay on top of all the other windows, this didn't happen in 2016.


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