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  1. knallfrosch21

    Create Hoist Manufacturer

    Hello Tom, can you also add Movecat?
  2. knallfrosch21

    Number of LED-Screens

    Hi, how many single LED screens can I display simultaneously with separate movies? And what do I have to consider? greeting
  3. knallfrosch21

    Designing in 3D for Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen


    is there a video for this seminar somewhere?
  4. knallfrosch21

    Question about Custom Items

    now i put a lamp PIO into a Symbol and the name is red. thats ok. but if i delete the original Symbol of the lamp, i started with, i also delete the drawing from the new red symbol. I think the red Symbol ist not an new Symbol. there is an link to the original Symbol.
  5. knallfrosch21

    Question about Custom Items

    Hello Pat, i want to creat a Plug-In Object from an moving light fixture. I do it like your instuctions. But i become only an Group-Symbol with blue text in the Resource Manager. Can you help me? Thx VW Spotlight 2017


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