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  1. In the header I have the command ='Door'.'IDLabel' as I've done for previous projects. This time instead of the door labels showing up below 01, 02 etc the same label='Door'.'IDLabel' is showing up in each of the label boxes. I can't figure out where the mistake lies. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you! That did it! Didn't even know about auto classing...
  3. I created a new door schedule and in the column that usually lists the door lables each entry now reads =(door i.d. label). What do I need to do to get the actual door id to show up?
  4. I tried that first but it didn't work. The window kept defaulting back to the visible window class.
  5. In the attic there is a gable window. I want it to show in elevation but not on the floor plan-I made an invisible gable window class and changed the classes to that in the window settings but the actual window class still shows as the regualr window class and therefore still shows on the plan. I need to turn it off in plan as it overlaps with a lower window. What do I need to do that I'm not?
  6. I had to create my own contours for a site from 2' to 16' . The site model shows them from 306' to 320'. How do i bring it down so that the house can sit on it?
  7. Urban site without survey. I created my own contours from 2' - 16'. when The model was created the elevations show as 314' - 320'. Now the site model is way above my house model. How do I bring them back together?


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