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  1. Moved to troubleshooting, I feel like this topic will get the right eyes on it here 😀
  2. Try this, select all the lights that you want the same color. Go to Spotlight>Visualization>Edit Vision data. Change either color wheel's slot 1 to whichever color you want. That will allow you to change a bunch at once.
  3. Weird! For sure try admin, and while you're at it check all of your permissions settings. You guys have an IT crew at PRG right? They may have put in some custom permissions settings. If not, well windows updates have been....aggressive for some chipsets lately. They had one like a year ago that blocked all artnet. Sending and receiving, for any program. It was a nightmare lol.
  4. Are you still using Vision 4? If so, as per my other reply, please update to Vision 2018. Vision 4 is super old at this point. The update server it connects to no longer exists. If for some reason you are getting nothing when you try to run it from Vision 2018, you may be running into a permissions issue. Try right - clicking Vision and running as admin, or running the updater as Admin. This can usually circumvent any weird permissions issues machines may have. Again though, don't do this with Vision 4, it was made obsolete nearly 3 years ago.
  5. Sorry - Right-click and go to Edit, then Color Wheel, there should only be one dropdown available. You set that to the gel. Clicking on it will open a color picker where you can sort through gels. Once selected, click ok to save then re-send to Vision (or export a new esc). Also, make sure your Vectorworks and Vision have both been updated to the latest Service Pack. Here's a link to Vision sp3:
  6. Hey D, make sure you right click the light and change the gel in Edit Light. Just typing in a color code into the Object info Palette won't apply a gel.
  7. Hey Simon! Chances are likely that your patch is off. Make sure you adjust the edit Vision data mapping in Vectorworks via: File>Document Settings>Spotlight Preferences>Edit Vision Data Mapping. Vision uses a two-part addressing system using "Universe" and "Channel" as the two parts change the drop downs on the right to align with the Object info palette fields you prefer - i.e. Universe and Address, or Universe and Dimmer. Sorry for the delay, I was out last week moving! If that doesn't fix it for you or you have any other questions, shoot us an email over at tech@vectorworks.net and we'd be happy to help.
  8. Hey guys, if the plan is to send to Vision, drop a 1in emissive spheres from the _VisionGenerics manufacturer. Then Duplicate along array to get the length of your tape. Then just address them all the same. This feature has been heavily requested though (a simple convert to> emissive fixture). It is high on our priority list.
  9. Hey Rich! it sounds like you may have just expanded the all option. scroll all the way to the top and collapse All, then you will be able to expand the other options (I usually just use Manufacturer)
  10. Hey Dan, not yet, it is planned though. Until it's added, you can save a v3s file once you make changes via file>save in Vision, that will save the settings for that file. You shouldn't have to tinker with too much with every file though, my personal workflow follows: Load file into Vision Drop Ambient to 2-3 Volumetric Quality to 100 Volumetric amount down a peck Maybe bring haze amount down a little (to mix in more static haze) If you are changing things like exposure, contrast, and brightness, I would definitely change my monitor settings around. Nvidia cards have an awesome tool in the form of the control center to do this if your monitor settings are lacking. ATI's CCC is similar in this regard.
  11. Are these in a new file? Or an existing one? I talked to one of our engineers about it, and the only thing we can think of now is some sort of corrupted light info records in the Vectorworks file. Have those been edited? Or is this a super old file or something? I have made a bunch of test files with different washes and controlling with an ma2onPC, and I can't get it to break. So I assume it has something to do with the VW file.
  12. Hey Dan, when you save a custom camera view with Control + 1-9 (not the numpad) you can assign a dmx control to that camera. Rolling that channel up will snap the view to that custom view. You need to set the custom view first though. Ambient can be patched in and controlled without saving anything first, however.
  13. @salukitd Sorry for the delay, it didn't notify me about your reply! Object Libraries can be found under Applications>Vision 2018>stock on mac - all of the max files are there. @DBLD You can export different parts of your file as an ESC file via File>export>export ESC in Vectorworks. Then in Vision, File>merge in the esc files after opening one of them. This will separate pieces of your show into editable (or left alone) chunks you can work with. I don't normally recommend this as its a bit of extra work initially, but if you have a show that will be changed often mid-design, it can help.
  14. Hey Dan, this one is news to me, I've never seen that before. First, go to help>about vision or on mac: Vision>About Vision. What's the third number in the version # there? It should be 23.0.X.YYYYY, what's X? Also, send me over that file to tech@vectorworks.net and I'll take a look. Which console are you using to control these?
  15. Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay on the release notes, SP3 has been completed but we have yet to announce an official release. Nevertheless here are some links: Windows MAC
  16. Ahhh, well that would do it.Vision crashes out intentionally to save your GPU from overheating, unfortunately the D500's that apple puts into the Mac Pro's are just renamed and tweaked W7000's from 2012. Super shifty, I know. Here is more info on that subject: https://architosh.com/2013/10/the-mac-pro-so-whats-a-d300-d500-and-d700-anyway-we-have-answers/ Being that it's basically a w7000, that puts is on par with a GTX 570 (if not slightly below) which is under our minimum requirements, see the FAQs pulled from espvision.com here: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/faqs/vision-faq-r7 Now on to solutions, because you can still definitely run Vision: I see a lot of fairly large entertainment files coming in at around 20MB, I'm not sure why your file is so large but it definitely has something to do with the crashes. Soft goods can be really taxing on GPUs as they get converted to a mesh so they interact with light properly (this is also why a final quality render takes a bit of time with lights in the scene). 11 of them is hefty for anything but higher end graphics cards. Vision converts everything to a mesh so light actually interacts with it, when it's in Vectorworks, it's just drawn with a Vector calculation (I assume that's where the name came from years ago) which is much less taxing. My advice - create a new class or layer (depending on how your file is set up) and draw some extrudes in place of your soft goods, then make your actual soft goods invisible. I then put a curtain texture on my extrudes of some sort, sometimes just a dark grey fill color depending on the use of the softgood. That usually works well for me when my GPU starts to get strained. As long as your truss is simple and square profile you should be good, round and smooth = harder working GPU.
  17. Hello, Vision will crash out to save your GPU if it's being overtaxed. This is usually caused by a GPU that is under minimum requirements, or a scene with complex geometry. What GPU is in the machine that's crashing? Desktop or Laptop? PC or Mac? How big in MB is the Vectorworks file you're exporting from? Are you using manufacturer truss symbols or truss tool? What about soft goods? Those questions can help me narrow it down a bit. Also, for any technical questions, feel free to email us at tech@vectorworks.net for a faster reply.
  18. Hey Pat, this sounds like a permissions issue of some sort - Vision does remember the last DMX provider. Is this a university computer? Or a mac? Possible explanations are: Deep freeze (or similar backup software used often in schools) deletes the config file nightly, causing DMX provider to revert to default. Mac permissions can be finicky (especially in schools as well) make sure you have full admin rights if this is the case. Windows guest accounts or limited permissions could cause this. The last one I can think of is some super picky antivirus could be preventing the config file from being written (but this is less likely)
  19. @Rob Books That's awesome, I always liked the VW people but the low poly models of the Vision characters is too hard to pass up sometimes. We also have a set of misc objects like keyboards, drum sets, misc stage objects and whatnot.
  20. Hey Dan, the black box is easy to make go away, just turn bloom strength to 0. It looks crazy high in that video. Bringing down bloom strength, bloom light strength and upping bloom threshold makes that artifact go away. I remember tinkering with your file and not seeing the artifacting myself on a gtx 980ti, which should be about on par with the 1070 (i'd have to check my charts) so it's very likely it's a bloom issue. Try turning that down and let me know. Oh, and sorry for the delayed response! I was out all last week trying to buy a house!
  21. Hey Dan, The black box (or colored box) is a GPU artifact, volumetric amount (or even quality) could contribute to this for sure. Basically, it happens when the GPU sort of...gives up on trying to calculate it. What GPU do you have in this machine? the curved LEDs....that's maybe the weirdest thing I've seen happen in a long time. I'll run some tests and talk to our main fixture guy. Do you have them focused to a focus point on that person? I honestly didn't know fixtures could...bend like that. The last time I saw a backwards fixture was when someone was importing old vision symbols. Make sure to use vectorworks symbols to get the correct rotation -but if you're getting that issue anyway - let me know. We changed thousands of fixtures around when we combined symbol libraries, and there is a chance a few got missed. Feel free to send a message over to me at tech@vectorworks.net with maybe the VWX file and I can take a look as well. Also, thank you for explaining this so clearly - screenshots and paragraphs! Lastly - make sure you've manually updated to SP2 via:
  22. Hey Dan! I'll number my responses to keep things readable. Raising Bloom Threshold and lowering bloom light strength will also make this go away. Basically what is happening here is the bloom from fixture A is "blooming" fixture B, and B is blooming C, etc. So what happens is the area at the center is being told to be at 100% brightness , and then 150%....and then 200%, etc. We are looking into a few options, but the point at which it "overblooms" is dependent on GPU and Vision scene - so 1 computer will overbloom, and another wont (with the same dmx being sent). I was unaware of this one! I never thought to check since they come in rotated correctly. I can see how this could be troublesome when fine-tuning conventionals or something. Is there any other reason for needing the angle? Maybe we have some sort of workaround. Sure! Just open the patch window via Window>patch. Double click the unit number and change it, then hit enter. You can also change it in the fixture's properties window.
  23. Awesome, I noticed in Vectorworks, if I don't hit enter, it doesn't actually apply the focus point. As in, the fixture I have selected don't change it's direction in Vectorworks, until I hit enter.
  24. Hey Pat, I ran some more tests today and there is definitely some weirdness in that file. (1) I just dropped in a leko, went to edit, and changed focus to the focus point I made. The geometry snapped towards the focus point in VW, then I sent to Vision, the leko is pointing exactly where it should be. (2)Next, I tried adding 2 lekos, one unfocused, the other I Just typed a capital "A" into the focus field and hit enter. Hitting Enter snapped the fixture towards A. When I sent to Vision I get one pointed upstage (just the default position), and the other pointing stage right (where my focus point is). Are you doing something different?
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