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  1. I will talk to my manager about that- but in the meantime, can I find out if anyone has looked at my file? Thanks, Tara
  2. Thank you for the information, Matthew. I've tried 2 different devices (HP 1055 &HP2500) with different drivers (post script and the HP driver). I've also set the print area to the correct size and the 'one page' option. I was able to get it to print the whole page when I selected "Current View" but it was too small because there was other stuff to the side of the page. I have e-mailed the file to the address that you gave me. Hopefully they will encounter the same problem and be able to talk me through it. I also didn't mention in my last message that the trees aren't showing up either. I noticed that the tree layer was on invisible, but when I make it visible, random trees pop up where they don't belong. Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from a tech representative regarding my problem. Thanks, Tara
  3. I am not the architect in this equation, just the printer, so I have no idea how to use this program. We received a VW file (we have VW 9.01) that has text and every time i try to print it to our HP1055, the text does not show up. It is also not printing the whole page (i.e. the page is 35x90 and I set the page to 36x96 but it will spit out some paper and then start printing at halfway through the page). HELP!!! I need to get this done in a timely manner and I can't find help in the help sections or anywhere on these boards. Thanks!
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