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  1. Hey guys! I am new here and honestly, I am completely helpless with Vectorworks. I have to do this project for Uni, I have to make 2D layout plan into 3D or BIM. I already receive a roughly workflow from someone expert in using this software, but I just can't figure it out. I am desperate for help! Below show the outline I receive: Import a dwg of each floor each on its own layer Set the layer settings to Show/Snap others. Next create a layer for each floor where you will actually draw. Next, turn all layers off except for the first floor layer with the dwg information on it and the first floor layer where you'll do your drawing. Make this layer the active layer and trace over the dwg information. It will help if you have your drawing layer stacked ABOVE the dwg layer. can anybody explain me more further? Or perhaps a screen shot on every step? Thanks for the help


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