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  1. Ted Walsh

    Transparent fills

    Peter, thanks. I use an iMac in preference to my Dell which I need for ArcGIS so the layer transparency will be very useful.
  2. Having the ability to regulate the degree of transparency of fill colours would be useful especially when drawing over maps. (I use this all the time in ArcGIS) TW
  3. Ted Walsh

    VW12 - UK Version

    Robert, I am a Landmark 11.5 user and will upgrade but had hoped that raster maps could also be georeferenced. Is this likely to be available in future grades? TW
  4. Ted Walsh

    VW12 - UK Version

    Just learned from a CEO post that georeferencing is supported! At last! This will make the upgrade worthwhile for my kind of map-based environmental work TW
  5. Ted Walsh

    VW12 - UK Version

    Now that .shp files can be imported into VW12 (from ArcGIS) we ought to be able to georeference raster maps into real-world coordinates. TW
  6. Ted Walsh

    Map coordinates

    Now that v12 can read .shp files does anyone know can we now add coordinates to our raster maps so that the shapefiles will sit correctly on them? TW
  7. Robert, When can we expect georeferencing? Ted Walsh
  8. Ted Walsh

    Altering joint pattern angle

    That was very simple! Thank you very much
  9. Ted Walsh

    Altering joint pattern angle

    Cannot seem to change the angle of pavers so that they run parallel to the long axis (of a courtyard). Played around with the red locus without success. It is possible to do this, isn't it?? Thanks
  10. Ted Walsh

    Blank sheets only

    Katie, Yes it does preview and yes it does print when I checked that option! Many thanks. Why, do you reckon, this option is now needed? All had been fine. But I did recently update to OS 10.3.5 and experimented with with X-RIP (1.6) options to improve quality. Thanks again.
  11. Ted Walsh

    Blank sheets only

    Katie, Thanks for your reply. No, the raster button is not checked. I have discovered that I can print pdfs, dwgs & possibly others, but not VW files. I did manage to print one small VW file but only after the printer first produced a blank page followed by numerous short strips.
  12. Ted Walsh

    Blank sheets only

    Using OS 10.3.5 and printing with a HP500ps, HP/GL-2 installed + 128MB Simm, and Microspot X-RIP Recently most of my plots are blank, (thought it was a memory issue apparently not). Not sure if this is a VW or a HP issue. either way it is causing very serious grief. Any suggestions appreciated TW
  13. Ted Walsh

    Plant IDs HELPPPP

    Robert, thanks this works fine except that the lines pointing to the plants are so long that they start off at the edge of the drawing instead of being beside the plant. (Drawing scaled at 1/1000) Thanks Ted
  14. Ted Walsh

    Plant IDs HELPPPP

    LM 10.1.2 (OS 10.2.6) Ted
  15. Ted Walsh

    Plant IDs HELPPPP

    Am trying to label my plants using the ID Label tool to give the quantity and ID (or Botanical name although this may be too long where space is tight) While the quantity field is fine the ID filed is never found and appears as 'Fieldname?' no matter what ID style I use. Does it matter that there is no ID field in the 'Select a field to specify' list. Any help very gratefully received as I am up against a very fast approaching deadline! Thanks Ted


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