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  1. At the last Design Summit in November 2018, we shared with the Vectorworks community some of the technologies our mobile team has been investigating and prototyping. A continued area of interest is exploring new and exciting ways to use our mobile app, Nomad, with Apple and Google’s augmented reality technologies. And we would like to get the results of our explorations into your hands. In the latest Nomad release on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store, you will be able to experience the new capabilities we have added for AR measurements. This new feature allows you to measure spaces with Nomad and automatically generate Vectorworks models from the measurements by processing them on Vectorworks Cloud Services. We are excited to have you try it out and look forward to hearing your feedback. Here is a quick video of what to expect: https://youtu.be/GC1JPbzK1ag You must have an Android or iOS device capable of running Augmented Reality. A Vectorworks Service Select membership is required to generate the Vectorworks file from the measurement but is not required to create measurements and view them on the device. Here is the link for Help: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/measure-in-ar/?app=IOS_NOMAD Reply here with any comments you have about your experiences with this feature, what else would you like to see in the future, or any bugs you find. Thanks! The Vectorworks Cloud and Mobile teams
  2. We can reproduce this issue and will update here when we find a solution. It probably has to due with the imported OBJ mesh not being loaded properly by our app.
  3. Hello, Do you mind sharing the file so we can take a look? You can either direct message me or share it here. Thanks! Alex
  4. Hi Anna, To place the model, you must currently use finger gestures to guide it into place. Two finger pinch - scale up or down. It should "snap" to full scale when you get near 100% Two finger rotate One finger move - This moves the model around the surface you have placed it on Two finger up/down - This moves the model vertically up/down Here is the full help: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/view-3d-models-in-ar/?app=IOS_NOMAD We realize that placing the model this way is currently a little fiddely and look forward to provide a more accurate way to do this. Hope that helps! -Alex
  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the bug report. I've had a look at your file, and it seems that certain objects are causing the model to be very complex, geometry wise. These objects are the candelobras and the large seating array. While we are working to provide a better experience for large/complex models, I would suggest hiding them when exporting them for viewing in Nomad 3D/AR. You can do this by placing them into another layer and setting their visibility to Invisible. Here is an example: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11e92bdc704f82a281ef0e9334f5e774/ I am able to load this for AR/3D on Nomad with an older iPhone 6S. Please let me know if you are still unable to load this model. -Alex
  6. Alex Nicol

    Nomad fubar

    For the first issue, we have two different 3D viewers. The Nomad app viewer does not support true VR mode, so the walkthrough goes through walls by default (and any other object). The WebView browser viewer does support VR. Are you saying that the WebView gets stuck in walls even with "walk through walls" turned on? We are aware of the problem, but only when walk through walls is NOT turned on. As far as the Nomad AR bug fix, yes we have just submitted it to the App Store, so it should be available in a day or two. If you want to install the TestFlight app, I can send you an invite to get the Beta version.
  7. Great, thank you for reporting the issue!
  8. Simon, I've sent you an invitation for the TestFlight Beta. Let me know if you have any issues.
  9. OK, great! Once the build is ready to test I'll send an invite link.
  10. Hi Simon, We'd identified a possible fix to this problem. Would you be interested in installing a build?
  11. Alex Nicol

    Nomad fubar

    Hi, I'm sorry about your experience. We have been getting reports of issues with the AR viewer using certain iOS devices and newer versions of iOS and we are investigating any workarounds. Since we have not updated the app recently it seems an update from Apple may have caused this. For the 3D navigation bug, are you using the browser based WebView? Thanks, Alex
  12. Has anyone upgraded to iOS 12.1.3? I wonder if this might help. We have not updated the AR viewer since November, so wherever the problem lies, it's with a newer version of IOS and certain devices. This describes the problem well, so it appears others are having the same problem... https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/113254 We will continue to investigate. Thanks for the reports!
  13. Ok I have tested this on an iPhone XS and see the issue you describe. We will debug this today and let you know what we find. Thanks again for reporting this issue, Alex
  14. Hi Simon, I just tested your Cabaret Nomad model on an iPhone 6S and did not see any issue like you describe. What device and OS version are you using? Thanks, Alex
  15. Yes, ARKit 2.0 is very cool! It allows developers to map virtual 3D content onto 2D images, 3D objects or even a location in a room. You can stream these maps to others in the same room, or save them for later. The possibilities are endless, so keep posting ideas!
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