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  1. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Yes, ARKit 2.0 is very cool! It allows developers to map virtual 3D content onto 2D images, 3D objects or even a location in a room. You can stream these maps to others in the same room, or save them for later. The possibilities are endless, so keep posting ideas!
  2. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Hi @Matt Overton, This is a very interesting idea. So you want to persistently anchor a model on a site, then have the cloud automatically update it when you update your VW file?
  3. Alex Nicol

    Vectorworks Remote (2018) crashes Vectorworks

    Well that is interesting! I will file a bug and make sure this isn't the case for the next version. Thanks for the info!
  4. Alex Nicol

    Share files between Nomad Users

    Yes, Nomad supports sharing files between users. These shared files will also show up in our cloud.vectorworks.net website.
  5. Alex Nicol

    Vectorworks Remote (2018) crashes Vectorworks

    Ok Great! Thank you for the feedback.
  6. Alex Nicol

    Vectorworks Remote (2018) crashes Vectorworks

    Replace the file at '.../Plug-Ins/Vectorworks Remote/Vectorworks Remote.vlb' with the one here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r4oc17sqx1ov9ut/Vectorworks Remote.vlb?dl=0 Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Alex Nicol

    Vectorworks Remote (2018) crashes Vectorworks

    We are investigating this issue and will reply here with any updates.
  8. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Yes, this is odd. A new iPad Pro meets the specs hardware-wise. If it required an update for iOS 11 you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  9. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    @ajs Thank you for taking the time to write this! You are correct that there is a single render mode. We are placing a light source in the model at an arbitrary location and doing basic openGL rendering w/textures. The AR rendering engine is totally different than what is used in Vectorworks and any rendering settings do not carry over into the Nomad AR viewer. What you want to do is set the fill color of the objects in your model to white. The viewer does not currently support draw edges or ambient occlusion. I have gotten similar feedback to yours so I will bump up the priority of this wish. Here is an example of a model where all the objects have a white fill:
  10. Alex Nicol

    Crash with 85MB Vectorworks AR Model

    Hello! There are limits to what the AR viewer can handle. Problem geometry for entertainment can be trussing, particularly any circular tubing. You can try to hide this or other suspect geometry (by Layer or class visibility) from your VWX model before processing on the cloud to see if it helps. If you want to PM me a link to the VWX file I can try to isolate the problem for you.
  11. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Yes, ARKit is an iOS only feature. Google has a competing technology called ARCore, which is a developer preview SDK. It is limited to 3 devices at the moment. Google is a bit behind Apple in this regard. https://developers.google.com/ar/
  12. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Since ARKit is software based, Apple put a lower limit on the supported devices and I don't see that changing. You must have a device that runs an A9 chipset or better. There is a limit to the file size/complexity that Nomad AR can handle. Currently the app will freeze if you load a file that is too complex, but we will look into a better way to gracefully handle this situation.
  13. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Apple has some good tutorials: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/arkit/building_your_first_ar_experience This github repo has tons of sample projects/tutorials: https://github.com/olucurious/Awesome-ARKit
  14. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Yes, NOT moving the model towards 0,0 and scaling it to 1:1 will give you a bad time. It's not too surprising when you think about it, but a building set 100 meters from origin, scaled at 1:1 in ARKit, will be 100 meters from where you set it down. We could calculate a bounding box and use that as the center, but there are times when that might not work.
  15. Alex Nicol

    Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Great, glad you got it working! The scale of the design layer should not matter. Did you notice a difference? Here's a hidden feature to check out: Tap on a surface of the 3D object to hide it. You can see the interior floor plan of a building by tapping to hide, on the roof/walls.


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