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  1. Same problem, works in some drawings/files, but not in others. Thanks for the orthogonal tip, that should hold me over until they fix the programming error? My only other thought was that the settings might be different in the file I was having problems with, but no luck. Thanks for posting, I thought I was the only one!
  2. I'm a landscape architect looking for landmark, preferably, but also open to fundamentals. VW 2013 would be about as far back as I would consider purchasing right now. As of now, this is what I would safely say, I would offer: 2016 ...$1,900; 2015 ...$1,450; 2014 ...$1,050
  3. Hi David, I am a landscape architect looking for a copy of "landmark" or "desiger." Landmark would be preferred, but I haven't seen one on sale for a while. I would have to run this by my employer, but could safely say that we could offer $1,400. If you still have the software, I'd like to hear your offer, even if it's substantially higher. If no copies of landmark emerge in the next few weeks, this might be our best option. Thank you, Erik Olson
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