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  1. Thanks fr your response Charlie, but I'm in need of 2019 as it would be a second liscense Regards Greg
  2. Hi Everyone, Might anyone be selling VW 2019 Architect for PC? Please get in touch if so! Regards Greg
  3. Thanks for that info @Tom W., thank you for taking the time to comment. Regards. Greg
  4. Thank you @jeff prince It's taken me years to notice this Solved.
  5. Hi All, Appologies if this is posted in the incorrect thred... it's been a few years since I've been on here I'm currently using VW2019 (Architect) and I have a pixelated camera viewport on my A3 sheet layer. I use VW for internal interior deisign work such as kitchens, so not full size stuff like architecture.... I have attached two images, but the 'closer view' image shows the real problem, I have added the full A3 shot with logo to show scale on the sheet layer. I have had this issue in VW since 2014, but I've never needed find the solution as I have not needed to work in colour until now and I need much higher resolution for presentations. The issue is with the Final Quality Renderworks, the Hidden Line is not an issue Sheet Layer Scale: 1:1 Background Render: Final Quality Renderworks Foreground Render: Hidden Line Sheet Layer Size: A3 Detail Level on Viewport: High Any help you are able to provide would be appreciated. Regards Greg
  6. Hi There, I'm looking for VW 2014 Architect as I used it years ago in a previous job. I'm hoping for 2014 as this did all I need, and will keep the cost down, rather than going for 2020 Kind regards G
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