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  1. Tried al of that and nothing works, will email them and ask that they send it all in layers. No sure what i'm doing wrong
  2. Thank you for that Jim. I tried that and when I paste it says "viewport cannot be pasted" so they've sent it as a viewport right? and just added title blocks to finish. I'm trying to see if it's me being rubbish or if I go back to them and ask for it in layers. I did tell them I was struggling to use it and they said they'd look into it but been a while but before I go back to them I wanted to check if it was them or me.
  3. I'm pretty new to Vectorworks and having trouble using a DWG file from a surveyor. I can import it, but there are lists of layers that i can't hide and I'm trying to remove some so I can see the site correctly and I also want to create a site model from the survey as would like to use this to practice 3D modelling with this new garden. The only layers that seem to turn off are title blocks, north point and sheet borders. No levels, tree canopies, boundaries or anything within the survey switch off. Is it something I am doing wrong or has the surveyor locked the layers somehow? Is it possible for them to do that?


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