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  1. Yep. That is correct. That is why I have to save 2020 file as 2019 and prep for paperworks.
  2. Thanks. I made it work by using @Pat Stanford method, which is quite easy. Couple of things I noticed when I did that: 1. For some reason, LW does not take either Absolute Address field nor Universe/Address field in my 2019 file. That was part of reason why I have to migrate data from Absolute Address to Address fiels in order to syncing LW. 2. I am not sure if refresh instruments will update Address fields. 3. Odd thing is , in my case, I was not about to delete Absolute Address data, it just won't let me do it. I ended up with not dispalying those fields in my VW2019 file, because those old data could be confusion as I update Address field in the future.
  3. Thank you , @Pat Stanford . I will try that. Much Appreciated.
  4. Hello All, Since VW 2020 has new way to deal with address, I have a VW 2019 file converted from Vw2020. all fixture address info are in Absolute Address field, I am not able to sync address info to LW using that field. I am wondering is there a way I can migrate address info from ABSOLUTE ADDRESS field to ADDRESS fiel in VW2019, that way I can sync with LW for paperworks. Thank you.
  5. Hello @Nikolay Zhelyazkov @Pat Stanford Thank you for reply. Just curious that I have 1/2"=1'-0" scale in a viewport setting, once I linked the text to SHEET DATA SCALE in title block layout, I thought it will show scale in the same style as viewport has. But manually typing in works as I did in VW2019. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am using title block manager, in the sheet data, is there a way to show scale as 1/4" = 1'-0" instead of 1:1 when I hit Update Scale button. Thanks
  7. klinzey is right. I only make it work by inputing address info in the LW and sync back to VW, not the other way around. Thanks Klinzey
  8. I have a question about reference files. I have use layer color on both in the master and the reference file, when I create a viewport in the master file and assign it to sheet layer. the reference file does not show the layer colors, is there an option I forget to turn on? Thank you
  9. Hello all, I have a question about active class please. I have my own active class activated, then use insert truss tool or straight truss tool to place truss, the truss will assigned to None class instead of active class. but with the same active class activated, when I place an lighting fixture, it assgned to the active layer. Is there anything I am missing here to have this problem? I am showing the situation in the video attached with this case. Any inputs are welcome. I am using PC, VW 2019 Sp4. Thank you. bandicam 2019-08-09 17-49-55-501.mp4
  10. Hello, In VW2019 SP1, the fill foreground color and fill background color will be reversed when I am exporting plot to PDF, and review it in MAC Preview, but it look correct in Adobe Acrobat. Any Ideas?
  11. Hello all, I am using VW 2019 with SP1 on Mac 10.14, the issue is when I use photometric grid tools, VW will froze and then not responding. Is it just me or it is a general problem? Thank you
  12. Hello Mark, Thanks for reply. My bad, I ignored dimension layer which was already in venue drafting(turn to invisibly), and I created a new dimension layer, assigned all dimension to this dimension layer , which turn out to be green markers. Thanks
  13. Hello, I have question about angular dimension tool. for some reason, it doesn't show up properly. Attached is screen shot file. Only thing it shows is green markers on both lines. It doesn't show how much degree it is. Same thing with all dimension tool. change setting on dimension layer? Any ideas why that happens? Thanks.
  14. Hello Markdd, I am using Create Plot and Model View function in Spotlight as well, so some reason, when I hang lights on definition layer, it doesn't show up on the model layer, do you know how to fix? Thank you!


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