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  1. actually what I want to do is generate some random forms using equations.I don't know why, but I thought it could be interesting. Also would be to see the equations forsome of the forms vw lets me generate. Thanks for the help. M
  2. Is it possble to "graph" equations?If so what is the process? M
  3. Try checking out this page. It has a lot of info about how to scale from one size to the next and from American to "the rest of the world" standardspage sizes Marc
  4. What do you want to do with the image?The answer to this question will help to determine what kind of export to do.you can e-mail me directly at marc@maabaa.com m
  5. It's also possible when reshaping a nurbs surface to control in which axis your are moving with the menu bar. Also it is possible to move just the U or V vertices. The problems I have is when one changes a view we lose site of the object we are working with. It would be nice if the object remained centere on the screen while we switch views. M
  6. Try lofting. And... Create nurbs surface and then manipulate the U and V degrees in the oip.
  7. I've had problems with other programs and importing a transparent background image.What I do is use Photoshop. Under the help menu there is a command "Export Transparent Image"It usually does the trick. I just tried it, it works. I'm using Photoshop 6 but I think it's there for earlier versions also.
  8. Marc

    3D Grid

    Thanks, it's been a while and I forgot all about the show grid. Still it would be nice to have three axis. And maybe also for each object.
  9. Marc

    3D Grid

    I was referring to the axis indicators. It is difficult to know what direction is which.
  10. Marc

    3D Grid

    Is there a way to keep the three D grid visisble?At all times. Thanks M
  11. Using the sphere tool I created a sphere, then used the convert to nurbs command. The result seems to be a single surface from a single curve. How does this happen and why can't I recreate this starting from a single nurbs curve? Also there are 45 vertices and the U and V values are 2. Is it really three curves laid one on top of the other with a rotation? Or something like that? Thanks M
  12. Marc

    3D Reshape

    I've tried using both ways. Sometimes it seems to have to do with what view I'm in, i.e. front, iso, custom. M
  13. Marc

    3D Loci

    I don't think there is anything funny about modeling a banana. I'm trying to model a potato. Got any suggestions? M
  14. Sometimes when I try to reshape in 3D I can only select one vertex, other times I can grab many.Why? Also is there a discription/definition of the difference between curve, solid, and surface; and what each of these "things" is able to do, what there limitations are.Thanks M
  15. Marc

    3D Loci

    What function do 3 D loci have when lofting? ThanksM
  16. Marc

    Future Plans

    First things first. Super. This is what I've been waiting for. Will VW add a tapered along path extrusion command? What about a split screen. 4 views at the same time? Thanks M
  17. Marc

    3D PP

    Does anyone know what "iges" is used for, who uses it, and why? Will it now be possible to send 3-d data to a CNC router? Was that possible before? Thanks for any info M
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