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  1. I figur I wernt thankin when I posted that thar last post.Scuze mee. That would be a powerbook g3 500 with 256 mbs of ram on OS Niner.2.2 and vectrwerks Niner.fiver.2Printer is a danky lil epson c40 ux which ifin ya ask me should be c40 sux.Reason I say it is cus those pesky lil ink cartouches cost darn near what the dang printer cost in the first place. I tell ya if that don't getcha feathers ruffled I don't knowin what will.Ima printin at about 360 dpi and even tried a few round 720.The driver well hell's bells i aint gotta a clue but I magin it's perty recent. The real kicker is, is when i bump her up to 1440 dpi i get some perty nice looking lines.But it takes darn near an hour ta print a danky lil floor plan. Well nough blaberin for now.Thank ya much Miss Katie fer tendin to my qestion.M
  2. Howdy Yallyep I'm from Texas. I'm tryin to get my line weight sitchation worked out and I come across a lil' probluum.Seems as my .09 and .18 print the same and my .09 is biggr than my .13. D'yall thank it's my printer er Vectrwrks? HmmmmmThank ya kindly fer any helpM [ 09-16-2002: Message edited by: Marc ]
  3. Finally it worked.Anyways... the whole reason about the sq root of 2 is that when you reduce or enlarge you will have equivalent line weights. That is to say if you are drawing with say a .13 on A4 and you enlarge to A3 you can keep drawing with .18 and so on. Later skatersM
  4. Interested to know what line thicknesses people are using out there. I'm just using a crapy little epson on a4 size paper and I get no difference from .03mm to .15mmanyways I found a cool website that explains the whole paper size issue thing. It's a little hard to find the part about pen sizes so here's what he recomends: .'s all sq rt of 2 stuff.Hope it helps hope it's interesting.I'm trying to make this link work! arggggg [ 09-15-2002: Message edited by: Marc ]=http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-paper.html]web page [ 09-15-2002: Message edited by: Marc ] http://www.cl.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-paper.html [ 09-15-2002: Message edited by: Marc ]
  5. Wow, super stuff!I'm curious, how large are your files? what kind of machine are you using? how long do your renders take? are your models part pf your CD's or seperate? Maybe we can start a new text only post to answer these q's? I've been trying out RW but find texturing and mapping difficult and limited especially with close views of things like wood textures. I've tried editing photos in PS to the size and shape of the object but that is a long process, kind of like reading this post. Instead I export to Cinema 4D GO. It's a process also but the speed and control are worth it. The only problem is limited resolution with the GO version. Maxon is coming out with a new modular version of Cinema 4D that is in a decent price range 500.00for those who are interested. Here's my first project w/ C4D. I modeled in VW prior to the power pack and rendered in C4D. Thanks M
  6. I translate a lot of my files to eps and then use those files for posting on the web via flash.I always have about a billion extra lines, fills, etc. and spend a large amount of time cleaning up. What is your process. Is there a way to avoid all the overlaps? M
  7. Have you tried extension conflicts or updating that carbLib thingyI forget exactky what it's called but if you read the installation instructions carefully you'll find what I'm talking about. also try lowering your allocated ram I keep mine between 40 and 60m if I go hire things go slow and sometimes I crash. M
  8. OK mr palo alto smarty pants when's the tutorial coing out.You obviously have a clear, precise and kind way of explaining things. BAZ there is an old tutorial here NNA How To I'm not sure if it's any good but it might help you out.Also in the VW Architect manual I think you can find some help. Good LuckM
  9. This is just a test. I have been having trouble posting .
  10. Look at "workgroup referencing"I have no idea how to use this but I think it's similar to xrefs.I could never figure out what was a target file and a rference file and all that crap.Good luck M
  11. Marc

    Wood Textures

    Thanks a bunch M
  12. Marc


    derrrrrrr uhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. Marc

    Wood Textures

    Anybody got any good tricks for applying a seamless wood image texture?The tiling is terrible. M
  14. OK. so what's the trick? I got a board 3.5 inches wide and 6'-0" long.I have a pine texture 256x256. I want the grain parallel w/ the long edge of the board.Here's the killer - I want the texture to cover the whole board. I don't want those stupid looking bands that make it look like it's a textured the board. I don't seem to have this problem in Cinema 4D.(Maybe I shouldn't have switched? hmmmmmmm)
  15. Marc


    Installed 9.5.2 but splash screen still says 9.5.1. did I do somtin rong? M
  16. Try lowering your memory setting. M
  17. You can also try exporting as an EPSF file. I use this to import my drawings into illustrator.Maybe your print bureau can do something with a file in this format. M
  18. Is it possible to remove all lines except the outline? or will this just get us really close? I've really been needing this. Merci beaucoup encore. M
  19. Andrew, I was being stupid for a while but I got it. Thanks a bunch M [ 06-06-2002: Message edited by: Marc ]
  20. try using the "U", "I", and "O" keys M
  21. I agree 100%. I have to export everything to Cinema 4D in order to come close to acheiving these results. I only have the light version of C4D so the resolution is for poopoo. But it's good enough for web stuff.
  22. I think that when you first make a link the objects in the linked layer are locked. So in order to delete move etc, you have to first unlock all linked objects. M
  23. The way I scale nurbs is to draw a square, circle or line at the point where I want and then move the vertices to coincide. Laborious because sometimes you have to do this in three steps for each vertice (x,y,z axis)I don't know if this helps but it seems to be a limit of all 3d programs beccause we are looking at a 2d sutface (the screen). M
  24. Everything you will want to apply a SEPERATE texture to must be in a seperate class.Sucks I know. M
  25. Is there any way to "render" or view just the outline of a 3-d drawing/object? Or to automatically trace just the edges of an object? Pleas don't say convert to lines or polygons because this just gives me thousands of lines and polygons which I don't want. If anybody has used Cinema 4D there is a render mode called "Comic Black/White" this is what I am talking about. Thanks M
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