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  1. I think it's pretty darn decent. The tile might be a bit glossy but it comes in so many different variations... the liquid looks decent what about some drops some where or bubbles? What are your texture settings? I've been trying to get some stuff going with two surfaces, the top transparent and a bit reflective and just underneath another texture with color or whatever. It might work for things like tile. I've been having a heck of a time also with custom rw and transparency, aa and nurbs. It seems the only thing that really works is FinalQuality RW. check your private messages. I think you might have one from me. M
  2. Here's the catch... I'm not an architect. I do drawings for architects. I can't "sign" them and I don't think I can really copyright or have authorship because what i am really doing in most cases is transferring their ideas into digital format. In some cases i could have a copyright but it's really a pain the rear. It would be a lot easier to say here's your file, you can look at it to make sure it's what you need but you can't print it and you can't do anything with it until you pay me. PDF is fine but geeze it would be cool to be able to lock vw files.
  3. I've searched a bit here and was trying to find if anyone knows anything about the ability to lock a vw file. I do freelance work and I would like to protect my drawings/designs from being hijacked. It would be nice to have a password or something so that when the client pays up they can unlock the file. m
  4. anybody know what's up with nurbs and transparent textures? Do I really have to go and change all my beautiful nurbs into polys? Is this going to be fixed? Do I have to buy rw10? I'm still wondering about the custom renderworks and anti aliasing and transparency.
  5. Katie, I was under the impression that the Language wasn't the determining factor in exporting a file but rather the code. Apparently VW can export to C4D as the french have advertised. Forgive me if I'm prying too much but it sems that there is a reluctance in the US to talk about or to work with C4D. I would be very satisfied if ya'll just said we don't want to do that or we don't want to talk about that. Or is thet what you meant by not being able to comment because it's not something you've hard coded. Here in France at the Apple Expo the stand for VW was advertising on a VectorWorks poster the ability to export to Cinema 4D, who in turn also had a stand and were advertising the relationship as well. In fact in the brochure for the Expo, Cesyam the French distributeur says quote, Cesyam presents a long awaited passerelle (path) between VectorWorks and Cinema 4D. And yes I have read and made other posts regarding C4D and even e-mailed the sales team.
  6. I just read at the french website for VW(www.cesyam.com) that VW10 has export artlantis and CINEMA 4D. Does the US version have this? Can VW export to C4D now without going through dxf/dwg? What are the parameters? Can VW import C4D? Please say yes and I just might buy this upgrade and C4D R8.
  7. So Custom RW should be able to render nurbs and anti alias? I dissed the file. I'll make a new one and send it your way. What's the address and who should it be addressed to? M
  8. Hello Katie, Sorry for the delay but I've been swamped. Here is a link to some images with descriptions of settings etc. This time around I was not experienceing the problem of having to go back and forth a couple of times to get the Fina Quality to work. Maybe that was just the file. I'll try to get it to happen again and let you know what's up. In the mean time- why is it that Custom Renderworks fails with nurbs and anti aliasing? It seems that Final Quality is the best we can get. ( I was under the impression that we could do better w/ CRW am I wrong?) Thanks for the help. Marc RW Images
  9. Marc

    Custom RW bug?

    I was refering to the pdf Help for RW as far as page numbers. Yes I have the check boxes but.... something is definitely not functioning right. I'm supper busy right now. I'll post some images up later today or tomorrow and try to show you what be happnin. Again thanks for the quick replies. M
  10. Marc

    Custom RW bug?

    Thanks for the quick reply Katie but , I know that I can set crw settings and that's what I'm talking about. Can you please tell me why CRW can't deal with nurbs or anti aliasing and why I have to go through a cycle of CRW-FRW-CRW-FRW to finally get the render I need? Why when I have nurbs or anti aliasing or both on in CRW, FRW gives me a different rendering than when I have nurbs and anti aliasing or both off in CRW? Shouldn't FRW be consistent? Also I've gone through the manual and there are no page numbers so ..... This is RW 9.? I'm refering to btw.
  11. Marc


    Thanks a bunch Dave. That helped out emensely! M
  12. Marc

    Custom RW bug?

    I just realized in order for custom RW to work I first have to render in final RW and then go to custom. If I go directly to custom RW it gives me the results of final. If I do a save sheet it will render only in final RW. Hmmmmmmmmm. Anyone else with the same problemo? M I just figured "something" out. CUSTOM RENDERWORKS can't deal with ANTI ALIASING and NURBS. Also if I make any changes to Custom RW i have to render in final quality and then go back to custom this is disappointing.If I have AA on in Custom then I get the right rendering in Final Quality but the Custom RW gives me something that looks like RW w/sahdows. In order to get the correct rendering I have to flip back and forth between FQ and Custom about a million times until finally something gives and I get the right rendering. Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on and how all this works. [ 10-05-2002, 08:57 AM: Message edited by: Marc ]
  13. Marc


    Could someone please explain how the following work and what exactly they are: 1. Conducter a. Ambient b. Diffuse c. Specular d. Roughness e. Refraction f. Absorption 2. Dialectric a. Transmission b. Refraction 3. Phong a. Specular Exponent I have an idea about what these are but what exactly they control (if anything) I have no idea. I've spent the better part of 3 days messing around with this stuff and can't seem to come to any rules about these things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks M
  14. You know once I was getting those cubist kind of print outs too. I realized I had set my printing dpi in Doc Prefs_Raster Render menu to 1. I changed it to 360 and everything was fine. I've never used anything more than 80000 for preferred and generally use 50. If it's not enough I bump it up 10k at a time. M
  15. Joan, I'm no expert but I believe you need to make sure in page set-up that you are using the actual paper size. I was having problems w/ drawings being cut off because I was using A4 paper size in page set-up and A0 for my document. You will need a driver that can support large paper sizes if you want large printouts. Maybe you can ask you bureau to download the vectorworks viewer? here
  16. Marc

    VW 10

    I have three concerns: 1. What's going to happen with 9? Support, stable version or is it a dead duck? 2. What about an upgrade just for the9.5.? 3D power pack? 3. I used VW 8.x for two years and paid $225.00 for an incredible upgrade, now after 9 months of using 9.x it costs $250.00 for an okeydokey upgrade. Did somebody break a window? MB
  17. I have an idea. Maybe it's stupid but here it goes. First let me say that I don't have a lot of money. Especially sums like $250.00 that I can just unload at a moments notice. I plan on the situation changing, hopefully. Anyway, here's the idea. I would gladly pay (and be able to pay) VectorWorks $15.00 a month for as long as I use the product (which will be as long as I can use a computer) that's $180.00 per year ($270 per 18 months), and all they have to do is keep improving the product say maybe every 18 months. Kind of like internet service. I would even sign a contract. Wishful thinking MB
  18. Use the offset tool. I'm not sure where it's located because I use a custom workspace. It's probably under the tool menu. This offsets perpindicular to the face. Hope this helps MB
  19. 1. Variable "Magenetic" control handles for reshaping curves. When you pull one vertex, the nearest neighbors follow. 2. HyperNurbs or Meta Balls 3. Fractal terrain generator 4. Non-destructive modeling - ability to go back to original shape 5. Standard deformations - twist, bend, bulge, wrap 6. 4 view screen - 3D, top, front, side 7. Tapered extrude along path 8. Hermite, Akima splines 9. Skin command (similar to loft) maybe this is connect surface? 10. Curve generators and formulsa - helix, spirals(parabolic, logarithmic, etc), cycloids, epicycloids, hypocycloids, etc. 11. More interpolation options and controls for lofting. 12. Ability to lock one axis in 3D reshape. Move in two axis only - x and z, y and z, z and x etc . Maybe I'm not understanding the working plane option. MB
  20. Yah, I guess I should of figured that one out. It makes a lot of sense.Thanks for the quick replies. G'night don't let the bed bugs bite.
  21. don't know much but try looking at your class attributes and stuff like that. MB
  22. Errr, uhhhh, hmmmmm, This is a loaded question but what do you guys have planned for the next release for 3D PP?Hyper nurbs, metaballs, free form deformations, fractals? Maybe you could call up Mr. Nemetschek and ask him to send you a few people fromthat other company he owns, you know the one I'm talking about, and together ya'll could create a really freakin cool design/modeling/animation/rendering package. I'm gonna go dream about this...... PS. I really like what ya'll have produced. It's really a super thing and I am super duper greatful.MB
  23. Hi, it's me again uh, is there any way to control at which point and object will extrude along a path or is it always the center of the object? If it is always the center I would like to put a motion forth that this be changed immediately as it obstructs my creative processes and is dangerous for the lively hood of my little computer. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate all you guys do; I do, really. Thanks again\MB
  24. Howdy, I'm trying to edit some peky little nurbs curves and surfaces and just realized that when editingSURFACES I can select more than one vertex.But... with the nurbs curves I can only select one vertex at a time. What's up with thaaaat? Also is it possible to have control points/handles for the nurbs other than just the vertices?In Cinema 4D it's possible to drag control handles off the vertices where distance and angle from the vertex determines the curve. Also when lofting is there any way to control the amount of curvature between any two curves? More precisely than the loft creation dialogue? Also, when ever i do a multiple extrude or tapered extrude the outlines of my object are a little skewed.Example, i multi extrude two squares the result will be tilted about 1/2 a degree. the bottom and top lines will have a stair step in them. pb g3 500 256ram os 9.2.2 carbinlib 1.6 vw 9.5.2 Thanks MB
  25. That would be carbon lib 1.6. Thanks MB
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