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  1. I know this is maybe not the place but I can't seem to get any help or info? I'm on a mac os 10.2.2 trying to print on a printer connected to a pc. I can connect to the pc but i don't see any printers in the print manager and when i try to add i don't know where to find the ip address or if that's even what i need to do. Thanks for any help Marc
  2. Very high for the 2d res. Also i tried turning the precision way up. But same thing. I'll go try new drawing Shall i send you the file.
  3. Yah I do that at least once every few days. Why are my permissions always out of wack? any ideas? Also I just noticed something. I'm drawing some big arcs 8 meter diameter and when i draw a circlr with the same center and the same radius the curves do not line up. Any ideas? Thanks m
  4. Howdy, I'm using OSX 10.2.6 on a Powerbook G3500 w/256 ram. Vectorworks 9.5.3. When using osx the snap function is really slow, delayed and for this not precise. However in 9.2.2 VW functions very well. Also the longer I use VW the slower it becomes. Generally I have to restart 3 or 4 times a day. Any ideas? Any fixes? Thanks m
  5. Will all functions of the open type fonts be available in VW 9.5.3? Such as ligatures, small caps, etc. Thanks Powerbook g3 500 256 os 10.2.6 vw 9.5.3
  6. Katie thanks for the help. Got a question though. Maybe I was using the wrong term. I want to be able to "collapse" the object info palette by double clicking the title bar. Are you telling me this no longer works? Cus that would uhmmm hmmmm not be very good. For me that is. As far as the slow down it's really weird: when I drag for a zoom the zoom rectangle doesn't start drawing for just a split second, long enough to through off my zoomed view. Here's what happens, let's say i start dragging at 0,0 down and to the right, the zoom rectangle doesn't start drawing until about 5,-5. Any ideas? Any one know if you can change the system font size in X?
  7. I just upgraded to 10.2.6 and I find my whole computer running slower than in 9.2.2 Also my object info and resource pallettes don't have a minimize button. Anyone understand that? powerbook g3 500 256 os 10.2.6 vw 9.5.3 everything is up to date as far as carbonlibs and such.
  8. I'm trying to project a curve to trim a nurbs surface. I've made a copy of the surface tilted it about 5 degrees and then proceed to trim the first surface ( which works) but when I try to trim the tilted one VW can't deal with it. Anybody know what's happening? VW 9.5.3 mac g3 500 os 9.2.2 256 ram thanks m
  9. Is there any way to add to the list of "Arrow Head" types? That is, is it possible to create new custom arrowheads? And I don't mean just modifying the existing ones. I mean like if I wanted smiley faces at the end of my lines is there a way to do it? Thanks m
  10. A little help please.... Shaders, wow are they powerful, If only I knew what they heck they are and do. I think I have a pretty decent idea about texturing (I use C4D a lot but I am certainly not a pro) but I'm having a hard time understanding what all the shader options actually do. Color is pretty simple: except what's the difference between "Image Color" and "Filtered Image" and what does softness actually do. I can see no change when adjusting this thing. Reflectivity: That's a pretty simple idea. But what are all these controls.I understand what ambient, specular and all that stuff is but how it is controlled or what effect it has is really just a geuss. What does roughness do? And the image textures that come with VW. They don't even tile well. The seems are always available. Photoshop: offset filter. Just an idea Some documentation would be nice. Maybe a tutorial or 50. m
  11. Sorry I've been a little absent. The file sortof doesn't exist anymore. It was weird because sometimes when I changed the view the "transparence" didn't happen. (No I was not using transparency) I will try to recreat and then send you a file Katie. If your talking to me TS how do you properly close an extrusion. My extrusion was a simple rectangle. .75" x 2'-0" extruded 2'-0" m
  12. I'm trying to render an extruded object using an image color.(plain color, obj attribute) I'm not using transparency or reflectivity or bumps When I go to render in either custom or final rw one side seems to be transparent. I never noticed this before. Is this right or do I have a problem? VW 9.5.2 rw9.0.1 g3 500 256ram os 9.2.2
  13. Got a few questions: Is it possible to change the color of the working plane? and the ground plane? What is exactly is the world coordinate system? Can objetcs have a seperate different coordinate system? Are 3D objects always drawn on the working plane if you don't snap to an object? What exactly is this tangent snap thing and how the heck does it work? It doesn't seem to be of any use except for moving objects. When I want to draw a nurbs curve between two objects with different z heights and not on the working plane it's possible to snap to the objects but any intermediate point is placed on the working plane. Is there any way to avoid this? Also why is the smart edge (snap to working plain) active for nurbs curves? So I'm at the end of my Autodrag 2002 training and what a nightmare. They are not even good at copying. The only good thing about AC is the coordinate system and its ability to be adapted and changed so easily. Which really surprises me because everything else is such a pain the arse. This could be a great thing to have in VW especially in 2D. But I'm not going anywhere. I still think VW is the best especially now that the plugins for Cinema 4D are available. Thanks for any help M
  14. Where did you buy the plug in? Is it for C4D or for VW? Does it work with the go version of C4D? The french version of VW 10 comes with an export to C4D but I didn't know it was something you could buy. Thanks for the info m
  15. I just finished my first day of (yes I am ashamed) autocad training. How in the h? e double you know what did this program get so friggin popular?. Is there a conspiracy? It is without doubt the lamest most inefficient program I've ever seen. You can't even have two files open at the same time. What a crock. If I wanted to type I would have become an author. But I wanna be an architect. Thank you VectorWorks. Thank You, Thank you , thank you. and yes thank you again. ps; if you must know I'm only taking this Autodrag class because, get this, THEY are paying me. HAh, Hah Hah. just 29 more days. I'll keep yall posted about how boring it is. m
  16. Are the first two questions the same? I've been using the default whatever that is . I think 8 bit tiff or something. Yes when I embed the preview image disappears and I only get a portion of the drawing and it's at a much larger scale than the preview. I messed around a bunch and I am not exactly sure what I did or what the problems were but here goes a list: Layer Links are a huge problem. I think Layers with vastly different scales ie 1/4" and 1:200 are a problem. Multiple layers might be a problem symbols curved polylines and arcs with humongoid radii going to fast is also a problem.
  17. I'm having some trouble exporting EPSF. Especially with one file. I'm importing to Illust 9.0.2 and I get the image but when I embed ? poof it disappears. and with other files i get the image but again when I embed I only get a small portion of the original and at a way different scale. Are there any hard, fast rules for exporting EPSF? Can VW eport 3D wireframe as EPSF? Thanks for the Help PB G3 500 w/256ram 9.0.2 VW 9.5.3 Illus 9.0.2 MB version 1.0 - 6'-00" 170lbs, sorta greish blue eyes and a little bit of brown hair, glasses, funny looking knees
  18. Marc

    Out of memory

    256 ram I started with 80000 and droped it down to 55000 I ended up lowering the res to 4000 x whatever and it worked. m
  19. Marc

    Out of memory

    Got a question: I'm doing a pretty basic render, one light, no textures, final quality. I'm exporting image file: photoshop, best, 4500 w x 3100 h It takes about 10 minutes to go through the whole process but at the very end says that I'm out of memory. 20 minutes before I was able to export with all the same settings albeit a slightly different view. Does this have to do with the undo thingy? pbg3 500 256 9.2.2 vw 9.5.3 no other programs being used m
  20. hello, I have never tried importing a graphic into vw. I always go the other direction; vw to photoshop or illustrator. What are ya'll doing that you need to import stuff too vectorworks? Can we see some examples somewhere, I am always interested to see and here about new ways of doing things. m
  21. We got it. I don't know what happened he said he tried a different version. Maybe that means a different machine or something. Thanks a bunch for your help m
  22. Katie, We've tried a bunch of scenarios. My buddy is using R14, drawing a 20' x 20' square and sending me the file, uncompressed. I still get the same message. Do you have any idea what might be causing the internal error? I've received loads of drawings from himin the past and now it just don't work. m
  23. Marc


    Does anyone know some decent ways of drawing complex curves like parabolas, cycloids, etc. Any help would be really appreciated. m
  24. Don't know where to ask this so Here it is. I'm trying to import an R14 file. We have followed all the instructions listed here and in help but I keep getting this message - "OpenDWG Library Error 172 Internal Error" any ideas? Before updating to 9.5.3 we didn't have any problems. The files would open no problemo. PB G3 500mhz 256 ram 0s 9.2.2 VW 9.5.3
  25. I would just extrude a circle. Use the sphere tool, convert sphere to nurbs. Squarsh it down and line it up with the cylinder and add solids. [ 03-20-2003, 09:03 AM: Message edited by: Marc ]
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