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  1. The 2020 migration manager is not listing my 2019 Favorites files, despite the fact that they're in my 2019 user folder. I even tried putting my Favorites file into the Default folder but it still didn't show up... All other items seem to have migrated fairly well, through it took more than one attempt.


    Any suggestions?


    2020 Migration Manager—does not show Favorites:



    2019 User folder—Favorites listed directly under defaults:


  2. 20 hours ago, Grethe Connerth said:

    My experience with processes slowing down since VW 2018 is that for example when working on sheet layers and the viewports are in wireframe: 

    @Grethe Connerth I know at least the sheet layer processes has not yet seen the VGM upgrade. I'm not sure about wireframe. These are slow and buggy for everyone and will remain that way until the engineers catch up with themselves.


    I would love to see an upgrade soon, maybe in SP4. I fear we will still have issues when VW2019 drops.

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  3. For more background on VWs work to improve responsiveness and the switch to VGM*, visit the thread below.



    *From what I have gathered, VGM is the new Vectorworks Graphic Module. It moves processes like drawing in Top/Plan to your graphics card instead of using the slower CPU route. While many processes have been moved to VGM, some very important ones have not. Neither sheet layers nor selection highlighting are using VGM yet. Due to complexities in the VW code, it's taking engineers a long time to get all systems working on the same level.

  4. 16 hours ago, zoomer said:

    Metal is fine but proprietary and Apple only.

    Similar to fast DirectX on Windows only.

    VW is a cross platform App that runs on Mac and PC.

    Most cross platform Apps use a non proprietary system that works

    on all supported operating systems - which is still OpenGL.

    @zoomer I must admit, I was heated and rushed posting this. Afterwards, I did some reading around the forum and have since lost all hope that VW will ever support Metal.


    From what I've gathered, Vectorworks is as incredibly bloated and inefficient as Microsoft Office. It uses far more resources and lines of code to complete tasks than necessary in today's modern operating systems. Much of this code is probably very old—which is why it is taking the engineering team so long to switch all tasks to the new VGM (which utilizes graphics cards and Direct X over slower CPU processing).


    While I don't think they will use Metal (or fast DirectX on Windows) soon, coding for the lowest common denominator a big mistake. This is why I choose iWork apps over MS Office, Pixelmator over Photoshop and so on... Eventually, another company will take the day's current APIs and create an app that matches or surpasses while using far less resources and making users much more happy.


    Unfortunately, this is a long way off for something as complex as Vectorworks. Hopefully the day will come when they throw out their aging code base and reinvent the program from the ground up, a-la Final Cut Pro X. Computers will continue to progress and eventually, developers won't be able to disregard technologies like Metal. These advances are key as processors become smaller and more mobile. Over time, doing more with less becomes a requirement, not a hope.


    As of now, the biggest push to do more with less is coming from Apple—in both hardware and software. It has already afforded them a sizable processing and graphics lead in the mobile space. There is no doubt these ways of thinking (headlined by their use of custom CPU designs) will make their way to laptops and then to desktops. Computers, as they are now, will be relics in 10-20 years... and this VW code that has been slowly siphoning time from our short lives will be stone-aged.


    I definitely see where Apple lost their way with professionals for a time, but I already see that course being reversed. In my profession, Macs still outnumber PCs 5-to-1 because even though they could have been better at supporting pro workflows, there is still no question that they remained the best. The few people I've seen switch spend their days wanting to throw their PC laptops off a balcony.


    I know that one could take a Windows desktop, throw 500W of graphic card power at it and nearly rule the world. That may be great for anyone whose workflow keeps them at a desk, in an office. For my needs, programs like Vectorworks need to be fast, reliable and powerful while on the road—sitting in an airport lounge, a hotel room, on an airplane or a live production set. If VW wants their product to kill it in the office and on the go, they need to think about supporting the technologies that can make that happen.


    I'm not holding my breath, but I'm also not wrong in asking. Vectorworks should support the top technologies of every OS. They should make their product the best it can be everywhere it is used because this is what we pay them to do.

  5. 15 hours ago, grant_PD said:

    Definitely not a mac expert, but I used to have this problem with my PC laptop.  After some digging I found that that discrete graphics card in my laptop was not being engaged by vectorworks, the OS was still trying to use the integrated graphics processor on the motherboard.  I ended up having to force the program to use the discrete graphics card via some control panel settings.

    The way you describe this problem leads me to think that this might be your issue.  

    @grant_PD I wish it was this simple; I disabled my integrated graphics almost immediately after installing Vectorworks.


    A note for macOS users: This is done in System Preferences>Energy Saver, then by toggling off "Automatic Graphics Switching".

  6. It’s shocking how slow Vectorworks 2018 often runs on my MacBook Pro¹. Navigation and screen processing easily increases drawing time by 20-40%—even on simple 2D plans in wireframe view. It can take up to 5 seconds to simply select an object and for the object info window to load. Click–wait–manipulate object–wait–see results... repeat 500 times².


    There is no question, something in VW 2018 has made it run slower than 2017 and 2016. Considering I set up VW 2018 on a fresh MBP and macOS installation, this doesn’t make sense. Open GL is already implemented, though it doesn’t seem to be helping.


    Metal³ has the ability to increase graphics performance up to 10x by reducing CPU loads with efficiencies in programming and APIs. It also adds support for external GPUs.


    is Metal already implemented in VW? Is it on the roadmap?


    Either way, something needs to be done to boost the efficiency of VW. If it’s not a graphics bottleneck, then what is it—and is it an issue I can resolve?


    ¹Specs: MBP 15” 2017 / 2.9 GHz i7 / 500 GB SSD / 16 GB Ram / Radeon Pro 560 4 GB • macOS 10.13.4

    ²Note: Slowdowns occur on every level of VW graphic performance settings and when VW is the only non-system app in use. 

    ³Current version: Metal 2

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