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  1. Shelter Residential Design (www.buildshelter.com) is a small, boutique custom home design studio based in Vancouver, BC, with a diverse range of projects throughout British Columbia and occasionally beyond. Over the years, we have developed a portfolio of contemporary and enduring homes, often in rural locations and on challenging sites. Our projects range in size from small, remote cabins to extraordinary homes in prominent locations. We are committed to an evolving understanding of building science, developing lasting relationships with builders, clients and consultants, and pushing the envelope in residential design. I am a home based, one person firm, and up till now have handled all aspects of almost all of my projects, including conceptual and design development, 3D visualization, permit and construction drawing, and construction admin. I have remained deliberately small over the years, choosing to take on fewer projects so I can spend more time becoming really immersed in all aspects of the process. At this point, the number, scale, and scope of my projects are leading me to seek help by working with someone in a remote, freelance arrangement that can primarily create a building permit and construction set of drawings from a resolved set of design drawings. In terms of the amount of work, that may evolve along with this position. For the right candidate, it’s not hard to imagine that this would be in the 30-40 hr / week range within a year and work would be very steady. I am looking to work with someone who is good at time management, reliable, adaptable, who has modern design sensibility, and who brings knowledge of and interest in custom home development. While it may not be essential that you reside in British Columbia, some background and understanding of the BC Building Code is required. I will provide access to many of our other projects that may be used as templates or references for the work to be done. This will be an ongoing position and I have current projects that are ready to hand off. If this type of work is of interest to you and you feel that you meet the qualifications, please email Mark Simone: mark@buildshelter.com Thanks, Mark
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