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  1. Hi again, sorry for the slow response. I have not been able to solve the issue thus far. Unfortunately flipping the windows does not solve the problem. It is very strange to me that the problem only occurs when the elevation is generated onto a design layer. As stated in my original post when the exact same elevation is placed on a sheet layer the windoor symbols will appear normally! Any other suggestions?
  2. Hi there, Any thoughts as to why my Windoor ID tags are not showing up correctly in elevation? For context the elevation is created using a section viewport placed onto a design layer that is the same scale as the model plan layers (1:100). Correct classes all appear to be on, and viewport is set to display planar objects. As you can see in the attached image the tag can be seen, but the actual ID number is missing. There is no trouble viewing the IDs in any plans. Thanks in advance.
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