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  1. Hi everyone, I may know just enough to be dangerous here, and I'm unsure exactly what to ask about. I am drafting a rig flat in top/plan and then Design Layer Viewporting the pieces and standing them up to look at them as a model. I've been able to orient all the lights properly, and when I look at the view in Top, the fixtures are aligned the same as in Top/Plan. However when I look at it in perspective the lights are rotated 90 degrees relative to the position they should have. Images attached for illustration. Perspective: Top/Plan:
  2. Hi there! I am trying to render using Rendtrworks and VW Spotlight. I have some sharpies that I've right clicked and selected "turn on," set 'Lit Fog' to 'on'. I have also set focus points for the lights and assigned them. Half the sharpies will actually show a beam when I render, and the other half won't. The truly confounding thing is that the half/half, aren't consistent. Only 1 of the fixtures is consistently rendering a beam, the rest are a total crapshoot. Furthermore, the lights won't actually point at the focus point, they kind of get the pan right, but the tilt is totally off. I've fiddled with settings and the focus points to no avail. It's madness. Any one have any clue what the problem is? Thanks!
  3. News of more resource efficient Human Figure tool is amazing! Any idea when it might be coming?


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