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  1. Hey I tried that, it worked out perfectly. There was actually no need to create the symbol. I rathered to create the rectangle "in the process" and scaled it to the given size. Your script to create records from text/excel files came in handy to automate the process entirely. Thanks again for the nice help and insight. Once I cleaned up my file I will definitely share it.
  2. Perfect. Thanks a lot. Works fine again!
  3. Perfect, thank you I will definitely try that. Yes it is so useful and a handy timesaver I upvoted to tweak the rating a bit 😉 I also tried the standard 1.03 for VW2021 and noticed that all the Spaces get the same size, while the attribution works fine. Same thing happens with the older script versions, so it rather a VW21 than a scripting issue. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  4. Hi DomC, first of all thank you this is great work and so useful. From your point of view would it be possible to modify the script in order to create rectangles with Data Tags? I'm trying to follow a more 2D oriented hands on workflow because with lots of changes and adjustments spaces get laggy and messy very easily. But I still don't want to miss out on your great script and the ability to analyze the data. Would be nice to have a qualified opinion on this approach.
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