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  1. Tryed downloading 2017, got 2016 instead? Do you have working link?
  2. Tested it myself; I cut-pasted all the drawings from the layers to one layer and indeed, now it is nearly identical in speed as VW2015. I would say the speed difference is now VW2016 = 5% slower than VW2015... Let's see what engineering will do
  3. Ok thanks! Now we're getting somewhere
  4. We work only in 2D/plan view, no 3D...
  5. Hi, In our interior design office we have a subscription to Vectorworks Service Select (VSS), making it possible to use the latest release of Vectorworks. But now with VW 2016 we experience serious performance issues. In fact the performance is way worse than VW 2015... Strange... Let me try to explain the problem: We have two powerful Fujitsu workstations: Windows 10 pro 64-bit, Intel Xeon E3-1246 8-core 3.5GHz, 24GB RAM, SSD + HDD, MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti. We have been talking to the kind people of VW support here in Belgium but they can't help us. First, they told us the problem could be the graphics card. So we upgraded the Quadro K600 to the MSI's, because the Quadro's didn't have sufficient memory to run VW 2016 smoothly (while the same file runs perfectly well in VW 2015... Go figure...). After the upgrade we saw no difference at all... (note: we didn't reinstall VW after the upgrade, could that be the issue?). While other graphic intensive apps received a serious performance upgrade we saw no difference at all in VW 2016. We immediately reported our findings to VW but received no response... We then received our invoice for the yearly payment of the VSS program but we politely protested this invoice as we would like to see a solution for this problem before we pay for future updates that work even slower. Is there anyone that has experienced similar issues? Thank you very much! DxDiag.txt Graphics Card Recommendations.pdf System Requirements.pdf


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