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  1. On 3/15/2024 at 1:42 PM, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:

    Hi Jonathan

    How are things?  That was a great video as usual.  I am fascinated by this technology even though I will never use it.  Too old now.  I was going to try to play with it, but something about a cloud, select service, etc.  Anyway, I can see other peoples work and admire.


    Aside from fun, I am impressed that VW's has adopted and implemented this so quickly.  Complex rendering is hard and time consuming, this will change that.

    Thanks Paul, and its certainly interesting to see Vectorworks open up to AI, as an initial step. I am looking board to testing this more when I get the chance.

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  2. When I do Vectorworks 3d BIM Training with clients and we work our way up the building, slabs, walls, doors and windows are always well received, and they are impressed. However when we get on to the roof and they start asking about dormers and roof lights, it's always slightly embarrassing to show them how far behind the roof tool is compared to the other main architectural elements. While we are on this topic, why not focus on below ground walls and foundations in the future.


    Then we really would have all aspects required for BIM modelling, rather than having to use workaround for below ground and the top of buildings. It would be great if this discussion could be developed further and that a plan was made to address these current weak areas. Does anyone else feel this?

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  3. I have been hoping for more roof improvements and a parametric roof light tool for years. As this is such a common features of most buildings, I do not understand why is it not being addressed?

    Why we are on the subject the current Dormer tools are totally ancient and basic and I always have to advise clients to manually model dormers from separate walls, and roof faces and windows. Does anyone actually use the current dormers for anything other than a quick deisgn?


    I have been using the downspouts, gutters and custom beam plug-ins from AFDesign - Andrea Facchinello and they are excellent, and if developed further with full integration they could be a very good solution.


    I would love to know what the future plans for really focussing on the roof tool, fascias, gutters, accessories and roof light are?

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  4. Thanks for sharing the Render Speed Tests. These are really useful.

    It would be great if Vectorworks could develop these with a nice simple User interface and package it as a type of "VectorBench" up like Cinebench so it could be used as a cross platform way of testing new hardware. I think it would be a great way to get free marketing for Vectorworks in the AEC community, and also help people understand the benefit in upgrading software and hardware properly.


    Here's my results on a MacBook M1 Pro with 16GB RAM if anyone is interested.




  5. Thanks Andrew. That helpful

    21 minutes ago, Andrew Pollock said:

    I will add an anecdote similar to  Hans-Olav's above. I moved to a new office and needed to buy a second Mac. I bought a 2019 4.2 GHZ 27" iMac. Since VW is mostly single core the faster CPU clock makes that machine faster than my iMac Pro. I find that for most CAD work it is faster but still the open GL work, Renderworks  and Twinmotion operations are faster the iMac Pro but not by much. If you are waiting on an M1X/M2 iMac 27 you would do well to save a few dollars and buy a used iMac 27 with the highest clock speed and best GPU you can find.


  6. On 8/14/2021 at 10:14 PM, Andrew Pollock said:

    Thats been my machine too since they first came out except I have the Vega 64 card. I think you'll find the video card really boosts the open GL work compared to a MacBook. The fan rarely comes on except during renderworks redraws but its not very loud because the of the dual fans. I've been very happy with the machine. Also, thank you for your excellent tutorials, They've really been a help to me.

    Thanks Andrew. Thats helpful. It's tricky to decide to go for it or wait a bit longer for the new M1X MacBook Pro 16" but that helps.

  7. 3 minutes ago, DGMacNair said:

    I have been using that exact computer since 2017 and it works great for my needs. With occasional giant files (500 mb±) it bogs down a bit during some processing but otherwise is a great machine. Rendering time is okay but can be irritating when waiting for something to happen. Also using programs like Bluebeam is not easy as it is no longer supported on the Mac platform. Kind of peculiar since Nemetschek is the developer for Vectorworks and Bluebeam, go figure. If the machine you are looking at is affordable and less than a new iMac I would go fo it. 

    Thanks for the input. Is it fairly quite to run as I am fed up with the fan noise of my MacBook All day!

  8. @Helm I like the idea of being able to reshape walls for existing buildings instead of adding wall projections or niches by adding and clipping surfaces. Being able to reshape them like normal 2d polygon tools would be awesome!

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  9. @Helm Encape is nice and the renders are good, especially for interiors but only runs on PC. I find Twinmotion better for externals, landscape and animations.

    I simply export via Cinema 4D, and it works pretty well, but a direct live sync will be so welcome! Check out a recent project presentation I am really proud of all don with vectorworks and Twinmotion:

    Earth Sheltered Eco Home by Jonathan Reeves Architects

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  10. @milezee Cool, I had not watched it all before and have just seen my credit, and glad you liked my work! Thanks for letting me know! I am really hoping for the vectorworks to Twinmotion direct link soon, although the C4D export works well at present, its not so great for updating. He mentions direct export plug ins at 12:34 !



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  11. @twk Thanks for the recommendation. Please check out my latest video of on 20 Years of 3D Architecture all done using Vectorworks from 8.5 to 2020! It features some Twinmotion work in the last few years and you can see the difference!@milezee 


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