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  1. @JustinVH I have installed 2020, but I'm still running 2019, as I'm in the middle of this project.
  2. @JustinVH I'm trying to insert a circular truss in a vertical position, but it doesn't seem to respond to any of your previous tips in this thread.. I have tried the "draw in 3D only" option, but I'm still not able to change the 3D truss in to any other angle then horisontal.
  3. @jcogdell Ekstra monitor is always a plus. I have been running Vision with Artnet from a MA2 Light console, and that worked without any problems... but my question was regarding the times when we don't have acces to an external console, but still need to work on some visualisations. And as to the protocols, I was just wondering how Artnet works when the onPC software is on the same computer as Vision. If Vision automatically looks for other internal software sending DMX (Artnet), or if there is any need for extra setings regarding ports and such.
  4. Thanks for the tip guys. I'm not a regular art-net user, as the first time I needed it was for hooking up Vision. But that means I can send art-net internally/virtually from Nomad to Vision on the same computer?
  5. Hi I'm starting to come to terms with there not being any way to controll the lights from an internal lighting software in Vision. I have done some work now with a MA2 Light sending art-net to my Macbook Pro, but is there any way to use some other iOS compatible lighting software, to somehow send art-net internally directly to Vision? I am going to need to work on visualisations a lot more often then I have access to lighting console. There has to be some solution to this problem.
  6. I just received my Vision license today, and to be perfectly honest, I thought there was a built-in virtual controll option.. I chose Vision for the easy transfer from Vectorworks, but I am having some regrets right now discovering that there is no way of setting up looks for previz, native inside the software.
  7. @ubybc Yes, that would also be awesome. In general focusing an instrument should be much MUCH easier.
  8. My top views are in 2D and that is all fine, but then there are all my viewports with side view or isometric, where the hole fokuspoint thing is a giant pain in the backside. Just making a system with side towers where I need every fixture to be in a perfect 90 dgr tilt, that is very very frustrating to do.
  9. Hi I can't really understand why it is not possible to focus a light without implementing a specific focuspoint. It seems super obvious that one should be able to choose a single or multiple instruments and simply write 45 dgr tilt or pan. In a similar way to how the 3D orientation works now, but only functioning on the yoke. Unless one is working with the specific purpose of making accurate visualisations, making a focus point for almost every single lighting instrument is an enormous ekstra workload and even produces a worse end-product, when creating the paperwork, when most people want every instrument to line up in nice and clean 0, 30 or 45 degree angles. I may be wrong, and this funktion somehow already has existed for years without me finding it... as it should, because this seems to me to be the most obvious feature that one would need when drafting lighting plots.
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