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  1. I have already dabbled in editing some of my prior scripts so I can continue to use them with VW 2013. My main focus, however, was customizing keyboard commands and tool keys so I could get back to being productive. I have looked at the Developer wiki and Vectolab already and will undoubtedly refer to them more in the future. Unfortunately, though, I won't be able to jump into Python because that is only available in VW 2014 and newer versions. So, I'll just stick with Vectorscript for what little scripting I might still do, whether for practical purposes or for entertainment. My brain definitely does like to do a bit of programming from time to time, as yours obviously must, also.
  2. Thanks, _c_. Yes, Time Clock is one of my many scripting efforts. I was a bit amaze and pleased to see that it still worked just as it was now when I plugged it into VW 2013. That hasn't been the case with some of my commands that have failed due to ancient custom dialog code. Interestingly, though, some of my old dialogs still do work, though I'm not sure why. I haven't spent enough time investigating yet to figure out why some are working and others are not. How kind of you to remember me and my Time Clock. 🙂 Carl
  3. Thanks, Jim. I had found this series of videos and started watching a bit. Just jumping in and starting to use VW 2013 has been going pretty well and I'm well on my way to figuring out what I'm doing in this version. Customizing my keyboard commands to suit my old habits will quickly get me back on track doing productive work again. I really don't need a lot of the new features for what I do, which is pretty simple compared to what a lot of users are doing. I basically just wanted a version that would run on El Capitan on my "new" used iMac. Actually, I was watching the VW 2013 Architect series of videos ... http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2013/getting-started-guides/architect/
  4. I have just upgraded to VW 2013, so now I'm learning how VW has evolved since the VW 9.5 version that I had been working with on my old PowerBook and I'm diving into customizing the keyboard and menu commands to suit my preferences . . .
  5. VectorWorks 2013 is the oldest version that will run on OS X 10.11. As another 1987 MiniCAD user, I had stopped upgrading at VW 9.5, but have just upgraded to VW 2013 running on OS X 10.13. Best wishes on finding a way to do this yourself.
  6. I'm possibly interested, but I'm not sure what you mean by "Vectorworks professional." Is this Fundamentals, Architect or some other version? Will this work in the USA? How much are you asking?
  7. — F O U N D VW 2013 — I'm interested in a Mac version of Vectorworks Fundamentals 2013 (or possibly 2014). I'm in the USA and have been stuck at VW 9.5.3 on a PowerBook G4 running 10.4.77 for a long time. I've just acquired an iMac running El Capitan 10.11.6. Unfortunately, I have very little money to spend on upgrading and with my simple needs, and at age 70, I can't justify spending much to upgrade VW. If you are willing and able to help me take a little step forward, though, I would greatly appreciate it. I started with MiniCad 3 on a Mac Plus back in 1987.
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