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  2. MY project is stuck in green screen rendering in plan view
  3. What version of VW has Barn Door? I don't see it on 2019.
  4. Will Vectorworks 18 run on the New Apple M1 chip models?
  5. I have a texture ( siding) that does not show shadows . Where do I change that? Thanks
  6. Any clue as to why I can't edit the Classic Vectorworks colors palette anymore .
  7. If I touch the tiny scroll bar on the right side of the display screen it moves the cursor thousands of feet. The scroll bar used to be much longer and it was more useful than the mouse wheel. Can the scroll bar scale be changed?
  8. i can't find a description of the features included in VW fundamentals. i use the program for 2d drafting. What is the difference betweenvVW fundamentals and architect? Thanks
  9. I understand that you can have many viewports on saved views as you want and those viewports are "pictures" of drawings that have many layers but in edit "saved views" you can not turn on any other layers on a view that contains a viewport. In practice you can't show anything except viewports on any given saved view whereas other saved views can have multiple layers. I can't find out if in 2008 they have fixed that so a Viewport can be an object or a layer that can be switched on in any view just like any other object.
  10. In VW 12.5 a viewport can not share a sheet with any other layers, (for instance a title layer that would normally be shown on all sheets in a set of construction documents). I have found the viewport useful for one-off presentations but if a viewport could be treated like any other object or layer to compose a sheet then it would be really useful.
  11. When a contractor shows you your own drawings with some of the windows hatched and some with the windows that "look" unhatched because of a flaw in the CAD program there is not much you can say. I have lost cases with less merit in regard to drawing inconsistency. The glass for the windows met the specification and was on the job but the contractor thought for reasons beyond his understanding certain windows that were not hatched by the program were to be field glazed. Sh--- does happen. I have had contractors paint the "rendered shadows" and build the diagonal door swing symbols shown on elevation drawings. A colleague had a contractor built the north arrow shown on the site plan. I bought into VW when it was MiniCad because of its graphic capabilities. In those days other CAD programs had no graphic capabilities at all. AutoCAD did not even have Fonts. MiniCad worked on MACS too. As an Architect working in the USA I am having more and more issues with the non-conventional direction of VW. Drafting is a system of conventions at least in the USA. No one I have ever talked to at VW has ever heard of "AIA Architectural Graphic Standards". In its tenth edition ( Wiley) it is pretty much our bible but I need to go back to VW 10 to have some understandable, conventional symbols. I know tons of work must go into 3D aspect of VW now but no professional 3-D illustrator I hire will use it and no WIz Kid we hire will use it for 3-D renderings yet the 2-D aspects of the program are becoming more cumbersome not less ..training more difficult not less. This is no progress as I define it. VW
  12. 1. Obviously cbaarch does not have a professional practice. I certainly would not want to hire a draftsman or continue with a CAD program thats requires "years" to learn. "Years to learn" at our hourly billing rate amounts to 100's of thousands of dolllars.I didn't even get my employeees trained of 12.5 and now we move on to 2008. 2. No one at the VW MAC World booth last year could demonstrate the features of VW Architect and that was true of MacWorld 2006. 3. Ultimately the purpose of Architecture construction drawings is to convey information to contractors. The construction industry moves slow. Whimiscal IT experiments result in oddly formatted unfamilar drawing style that do not communicate effectively. I had windows show up at a job with only some of them glazed. VW has never had a competent pattern hatch for glass ( depeneding on the object position it might not show up) Traditionally a few diagonal lines symbolize glass...I learned that in in high school drafting class. So the windows that lacked the hatching were sent to the job without glass. Having a detail plan ( that is interactive with the parent) and actual details of different scales ( not just dead views of them) composed on the same sheet to explain that plan is not asking for much. It is the way one designs a project and it is the way contractors need to see info to build it. VW12.5
  13. I bought VW12.5 with the belief that detail views of parent drawings could be used to compose new sheets with details views of those parent drawings. We all found out that this was really not the case and that all traditionally drafting conventions had to be abandoned to suit the VW program. This did not prove to be sustainable ...no one in the office is now using that feature. Does 2008 have the ability to "cut" larger scale details from parent drawings and show them on another sheet that is composed of other layers as well.
  14. There is no slash size option in file/document setting/document pref/dimension/custom/edit /custom dimension box in VW12.5
  15. file/document setting/document pref/dimension has a box for changing the size of the dimension slash which does not work. Is this a bug? Also tool/options/arrowheads does not change the slash size tho slash is listed as a arrowhead type. Another bug? Is there away to change the size of the slash and/or make it thicker?
  16. Funny that there are machine bolts in VW 12.5 architect but no wood screws. Is there a way to concert VW 10 plug in files to VW 12.5.
  17. How were you able to "force" open the old screw files. Can't find anything in the VW12.5 manual about how to use theses old files in VW12.5.
  18. i'm have VW 12.5 . i was wondering if there are any screws for that revision. Nothing from vw10 is reconized by VW12.5
  19. Is there a tool or plug-in to make wood screws in Vectorworks 12? Can previous canned objects be converted to work in VW12.5?
  20. Often when I am working on an old file that has been converted to VW12 the window or door or both tools are not selectable. Also the old windows and doors are "dead". How do I activate the door and window tools when they get into this state? Thanks
  21. Am I supposed to be using a new tool to number things new to VW12 if this one is obsolete?
  22. Does the number stamp tool exist in VW 12. It was a tool that put a consecutive number or a letter in various selectable shaped polygons. Is there a work around if this tool has been removed. I use this for all my window, doors symbols and sheet note call out symbols.
  23. I have tried everything and the sheet and detail number are never contained within the bubble.
  24. I don't see anything conceptually wrong with sheet layers. A guy sent me an entire project set up in sheet layers as an example. However, it was all "canned " CAD work .What used to be called paste-up or pin drafting. Sheet layers were presentations of "photographs" ( viewports) of original pre-made CAD work on design layers. In my case 90% my work is unique and I need to create design layers to create the drawings ( my old sheets have several scales on them) Are people now "drafting" at one-to-one scale on sheet layers rather than using the old design layers?
  25. If I open an old VW file with VW 12 the doors and windows although selectable are not editable ( the object window show them as grey) . I was told that old versions of VW and VW12 were compatible. I do not want to have to redraft thousands of doors and windows. It there a way to get the doors and windows to be editable again?
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