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  1. Apologies for the couple of question in 1 post but I think that they go together.  All for VW 2019


    If I want to use a 3D image files such as those on Sketchup3D warehouse for my Vectorworks drawings how do I create a 'resource' to reuse including a 2D image so that it is visible in top plan?    

    What formats can I use?

    Do I duplicate something from resource manager and then create an image prop for use in the 3D element as we do for plants?

    Or, do I create a 2D symbol and attach the suppliers images to the 3D element?


    If there is a video somewhere please send me the link.  I can only find videos that deal with differing elements - image props etc.




    Justine Wood



  2. I am attempting to create a tree 3D image using the attached png which I have bought and downloaded.  When I select create image prop in Model, and import and elect the image nothing happens.  It doesn't open up the screen allowing me to create transparencies etc.  I have the image saved  outside of the file, on my iCloud Drive.


    Any ideas as I need this image today?  I have VW 2019


    Many thanks




  3. I created a garden design in VW2019 and it all looked great in top plan.  Then I went into rear view and rendered open GL to see what the elevation looked like and only saw the gravel hatch not the texture.  I then changed the 3D setting to slab, set the slab height at 5 and the depth at 1 and used main class for the texture and the gravel appeared in the elevation.  When I returned to top plan the plan looks like the attached screengrab - solid black even though the object info says hatch.


    What can I do to get the hatch back for my top plan?


    Also, the landscape areas are looking really ethereal after rendering.  very hazy yet dominating.  Any ideas on how to keep the density but up the contrast?


    Many thanks





    Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 17.15.46.png


  4. Currently I have a file with all the plant records I have created that I use across my Client planting plans.  It works but I am sure that I must be able to create my own library so that I can access it from any file and still create plant schedules etc.  Is there a tutorial anywhere or can someone tell me how to do this when I duplicate a record to create my own plant record?  I should add that I am on VW2019.





  5. Ahhh thanks that is all clear.  Last question is how do I deduplicate.  I have many borders using the same plant records.  I have clicked summarise but I still have a row per mention of the plant record.  I just want to deduplicate so that I have 1 row per plant record where the quantity totals ALL incidences of that plant record.

  6. I am trying to create a customer report that has one column for the 2D symbol associated with the plan record, another column for the Latin name and the last column with the quantity that plant record.  So not importing an image - using something that exists already.


    When I use the reformatted report (Basic with images) it is that image field that I am trying to create in a custom report.



  7. I use VW2019 and I want to use the plant report tool to produce a basic key for my planting plans.  Basically just showing the 2D symbol and the Latin Name.  No quantities, no common names, no 1 row for each occurrence of that plant.


    I have used the basic plant report with images and can delete the columns I don't want but then I have a row for each occurrence.  So for example on my report I just want to show Rosa Munstead Wood once rather than the 5 times it appears.


    I can't see how to do this on custom report as this doesn't show the plant field options.


    Is there a tutorial on the/amending and deduplication within custom reports or can someone simply explain?





  8. I wonder if anyone can help.  I have tried undoing but unfortunately I was too far in.


    I have a revised design for a garden.  Midway through amending I tried to import a dog of an outdoor shower which I thought would mean I could use as an object.  I am pretty sure that I clicked this object only but I mustn't have.  Now all my scale has changed.  And the expression of the dims has changed to have decimal 00 after everything,


    My problem is, everything in teh amended file has the right scale and dimensions but when I print it it is way out and too large. I think somehow I have rescaled against the imported dog and that has thrown the dimensions out of whack.  I need the revised design but at the right dimensions.  I can't rescale as that will give incorrect dimensions for the landscaper.  Is there something simple I can do to get the 1:50 being at the right dimensions.  


    I have attached both plans for reference one entitled Original and the other entitle amended.  Plus the dwg file.


    Note both files are set at 1:50 on A1 but when you export the sheet the image is massive on the amended one which is what alerted me to the issue.


    Thanks for any help as I am a deadline of today and I am hoping that I don't need to redraw.



    amended.vwx original.vwx 2DC-EX3-514.dwg

  9. I have bene sent a dwg from an architect which says it should be 1:200 at A0.  When I import it it automatically imports at 1:10000.  No problem I thought I will just use teh scale bar to rescale as usual.  However when I import everything disappears.  


    I tried zooming out as obviously the file will be tiny now but I can't find it anywhere.  Anybody know why this is happening or how to locate the file so that I can zoom in and move the geometry?

    Have attached the dwg.  I am working in VW Landmark 2019.


    Restronguet Barton House - TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY.dwg

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