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  1. Tracked down the issue... it appears to be associated with opening a v2019 (or previous) with newer software version, in this case VWX 2020, and having an older reference file (a venue floor plan) already in there. The reference file in question was saved as v2019, the main file was v2019 as well... I opened with v2020 and saved it as such. This is when the double-image export anomaly started. Once I deleted the referenced floor plan file from my main v2020 converted file, it exported normally. As a precaution, I started a new v2020 file from scratch and imported all my layers, as well as creating a v2020 of the reference floor plan and importing that. All is well... cheers!
  2. A new problem has surfaced with my Vectorworks 2020 ... when I try to export or publish Saved Views I get double images of my models. The model appears to render, but then a duplicate renders over it at lower in the frame. It looks like it's at a slightly different angle as well. There are no created cameras in the file, these are strictly saved views in the Navigator. Anyone else having this issue? (Other issues, such as not being able to quit and VWX not saving my preferences have been solved in 2020 so far). Mac OS 10.14.16 iMac Pro 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W 32GB 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB VWX Fundamentals & Spotlight 2020, SP1


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