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  1. Just an update on this thread. My fixtures were still not focusing correctly in Vision to the points I set in VW. Curtains don't have anything to do with my particular problem. Now, if I right click on a fixture in VW, select "Focus Instruments" and select the FP, it WILL work in Vision. I tried an experiment by typing directly into the OIP Focus field. On another fixture, I left the OIP focus field empty and did the right click thing. The first fixture wasn't focused anywhere and the second fixture was focused exactly where it was supposed to be. Selecting each fixture and right clicking is kind of a pain in the ass. Is this a bug cause I sure hope it isn't a feature. Pat
  2. As a paid Dropbox user, this is something I could get behind. Here is the DB / Autodesk setup: https://www.dropbox.com/business/app-integrations/autodesk
  3. Eddie, You helped me with this a couple of weeks ago and for the life of me I can't remember what you told me. I have some LED strip lights that are pointing almost straight up in the air in Vision. On my VW plot I used the "Set 3D rotation" to get them pointing downstage, but on "Send to Vision" they are still pointing almost straight up. I'm forgetting something! Thanks! Pat
  4. Thanks Eddie! If I want to use ETC offline (which I use all the time), I just need to ensure that it is broadcasting either artnet or sACN. Do I need to use any particular ip address to "connect" the two applications? Thanks again, Pat
  5. Is there a way to "home" moving lights in Vision? Better yet, is there a way to have the fixtures pre-homed when imported from VW? Second question. How do I control moving lights in vision? I.e., pan/tilt/color/gobo, etc? there is the ability to shutter/iris/etc my conventionals, I just haven't figured out how to do this for my movers/leds. When getting real work done, I have a dedicated computer with vision connected to my ETC ION and everything works great. But for just a quick look see, it would be really helpful to have these controls. Thanks much, Pat
  6. I have the latest versions of VW and V running, and my conventionals still import in just kind of pointing at the stage...not necessarily where I have a focus point set (and the correct focus point referenced for the fixture in the OIP). So, what am I missing?! Thanks! Pat
  7. I need some help STAT! I have a Vision license and dongle. I had to wipe my hard drive so I lost my install. When I go to download the program again, I have to download the demo "buy" it and get a download link emailed to me. That was last night and I still have'nt received the download link. I am running MAC os and if anybody had the demo file that I could link to, I'd be forever grateful! Thanks, Pat Immel
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