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  1. Trying to find a "Getting Started" guide for 2023. The last I could find is 2021. Any nudges in the right direction would be appreciated! Thanks, Pat
  2. Hey folks! I just spoke with someone at ETC about the Augment3d plugin for 2022...it should be released by now. I was told the challenge (not a problem!) was on VW's side. Can anyone from the Mother Ship speak to this?! Thanks!
  3. I am trying to patch a Chauvet Batten 72 tour with the "Block 2" profile so I can use it in Vision and control it from ETC Nomad. I can patch it just fine in ETC, but I'm not sure how to patch as .1 .2 .3 in VW.
  4. Trying to find the location to download Vision 2021 SP2.2. I can't do the online update as my pre-viz computer is not connected to the internet. I need to download for the Advanced>Offline Update. I'm not quite sure why these files are so difficult to get ahold of... Anyhoo, thanks much Pat
  5. Long story short... 2021 sp2 is crashing all over the place on me. I have a huge project due on Tuesday and was just wondering if anyone has a 2021 SPO or SP1 Mac install file that they would be willing to share with me until I can consult with tech support on Monday! Thanks much!
  6. I very much appreciate everyone's kind comments on my last question. The truth is, is that I am trying to re draw my house based off of a crappy, scanned six times plan and some measurements so I can do some work down the road. I would just like to draw a slab and walls (with styles) and not have them affiliated with a particular floor, layer height/elevation. I'd just be happy with drawing the pieces then moving them into whichever place they need to be! I'm a theatrical scenic designer by trade and very rarely, if ever need to deal with these things. Thanks again, Pat
  7. thanks much!! Great suggestions...I'll take a run at it! Pat
  8. Thanks for the help Jeff! Is there anything I can do to shrink that gap?! Thanks again, Pat
  9. Is there a tool to create poured concrete foottings? If not, how do you draw your footings? I just drew and outline then extrude along path around the slab. TIA for any help! Pat
  10. House Architect Drawing v2 v2020.vwxThanks Jeff!
  11. This is probably an easy answer. I've used VW Spotlight for just about ever, but I am working on a project using VW Architect. I drew the 2nd floor walls and assigned them to the "2-Floor Layout" layer, then I created a 2nd. floor slab and assigned it to the "2-Slab" layer. The slab sits at z 0" but the walls are hovering just a touch over 6' above the slab. I have not changed any defaults and have been struggling to figure this one out on my own. Any help would be appreciated! Pat
  12. So far so good. Could you tell me about the Rotate tool - Lighting device mode. Is this new in 2021? Thanks Mark!
  13. So I'm in 2021 and come to realize that Plot and Model view has been replaced with schematic view. Is there a good tutorial that shows using schematic view to layout side lighting booms?! Thanks!!
  14. Hey Scott! Thanks but I don’t have SS but I purchased a ten year license of vision.
  15. Wondering where to find the download link for Vision 2020!? Thanks!
  16. So last week I had someone who doesn't own VW want to take a look at one of my files. I sent them the VWX file and said to find the VW Viewer for iOS and you should be all set to go. I come to find out that VW Viewer is not a "thing" anymore. So I tried the nomad app and the only option I am given is to show my file in 3D. Not helpful when you want to show someone a ground plan or light plot. This seems like a no-brainer and I know that I can convert the vwx file to pdf and then send it away, but it is just more work when it used to be much easier. Or am I missing something... Thanks, Pat
  17. This one seems like a no brainer! When running the "Create Multiple Viewport" command, it would be really helpful to be able to either choose which sheet layer to place the VPs in OR create a new sheet layer. Thanks, Pat
  18. Following! LED Tape light PIO should be a thing. #takemymoney
  19. I went ahead and got the Oculus Go. It is compatible with Unity...I’ll give it a go! Thanks! Pat
  20. I am wanting to give VR a try and wondering what some good VR goggles would be? I am looking at the Occulus Go as it is not terribly high priced and is probably of good quality. Just want to make sure it works with VW and probably sketchup. Thoughts?!
  21. At some point will Vision's version numbers match it's name. I'm pretty sure I'm running some version of Vision 2018 but based on the screen grab "about" version, I'm in 23.0.2.bunch of numbers. This probably means something to an engineer, but to a user, it means nothing. thanks, Pat
  22. It seems odd, but every time I start Vision I have to reset the DMX provider to Sacn. Is there a setting I can change so I don’t need to do this? Thanks Pat
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