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  1. Copy 3D attributes of the symbole in the work space could be a way to do it. I'm happy to only have 150 moving lights on the plan. But i found that when you use screen aligned in the obj info window the legend appear in 3D top view... Without the container... Well i will find way without the container.. Thanks for your help really appreciated.
  2. Hi Tom, thank you for your help. But i need 3D Label in top view. Not a 2D Label in top/plan view. As the symbol are not the same in 2D than in 3D, i prefer to use 3D top view with a 3D label legend. In vectorworks 2019 this function not seem to work like it worked in the previous version (2017-2018).
  3. In VW 2017 it was easy. But with vw2019 i really struggle to make my label legend appear in my viewport, and all the label classes are set visibles in the viewport.. What i'm doing wrong, Any idea? Thanks.. Labellegend_test.vwx
  4. Thanks markdd. I used the preference method to turn it off. Is this new to 2019 or does were inactive in my vw previous version? First time i see this tool...
  5. It appear on my 3D fixture symbole in a viewport and doesn't appear when print. I think it's new in VW 2019 it's an arrow representing the light direction. Maybe someone knows what is this tool or preference it is, i don't need it for now and want to make it invisible. Thanks everybody..
  6. Ok thanks. I tried the migration tool, it doesn't recognize the folder object-lighting from vw2016.
  7. There's lot of companies missing in the lighting library..... ..Clay paky, ETC, Robe, Martin, Chauvet pro. DO i have to import them all from vw2016?
  8. Hi everybody, i'm knew to the community. I scan through this forum to find a shared group on spotlight symbols without success. Sometimes some manufacturer don't offer CAD of their products. Exactly i'm looking for PAR can, a PAR 20. I know it's the company Pro Stage who are providing this unit. Maybe some spotlight users share some symbols that doesn't exist in the library. And this one particularly. Thanks everyone.
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