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  1. 22) curved truss. And structural elements with correct connection 23) multiple stories hole for MEP 24) VectoMEP's Integration into Vectorworks http://www.vectormep.com
  2. 14) tool for HBIM restoration and renovation tool. Wall with different thickness. 15) @Stephan Moenninghoff‘S concept user interface (i don’t like dark mode, that remember me autocad) 16) Stair tool (again) Door and Windows (again) 17) Mep Tools!!! 18) multistories tool
  3. Hello, i ask for help to close this object. Or a way to fix it Thanks Z Prova.vwx
  4. OMG how can i add another UP on this thread?
  5. Very good Job, guys! Thank you! 👍
  6. Thanks Mihal for your support. Zeno
  7. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11320825-bim-handbook
  8. I don’t understand why people can’t understand stories.. it’s a very powerful tool, foundamental for paramethric and BIM worflow!
  9. Good morning, during an interchange process with a structural bim authoring software, a very important issue was identified: the separate management between the analytical model and the geometric model. This is essential if you need to represent the real size of an object and decide where its reference axis is located. In VW this is automatically associated and from what I understand it is necessary to change all aspects of the model to be able to respond to different needs. Is there a way to manage the analytical model independently?
  10. Good morning, I'm studying a manual on bim. In the description of a process related to the BIM REPOSITORY it describes the updating procedure that takes place between the different applications also thanks to two factors. The management of a unique ID of the object (I believe it is the GUID) and the fact of being able to assign a timestamp to the specific object. the text says that VW does not support either of these two aspects. I know that the GUID is not a problem, but how do we put it with the thanks @Joe Marshall @_c_ @Mihail Rizov
  11. Ok. 3 message: performance, navigation and twinmotion link.
  12. TM and VW works really well via FBX, i had also experience in movie with artlantis and sometimes VW but TM really do fast what you need (more in animation than in renderings). To be honest actually via FBX you can update the scene with 2 cliks: export FBX from VW and than reload the scene. Stop. So.. you can work really well right now with these 2 softwares.. Movie 01_001_light.mp4
  13. Thank you! It was exactly what I need. Now it's work correctly!! 🙂
  14. Good morning exporting FBX generated some problems of lost geometries. Someone @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD know why?
  15. I just started today using Twinmotion. No words. I create an animation, put materials, people, site etc in half hour. Never opened it before. It's dangerous. Clip 01.mp4
  16. “Cross fingers? Fix in sp4 but not for sure? Out of my hands?” Guys excuse me, but: i really love Vectorworks but here only 2 situation are possible. 1) people are not interesting in Renderworks 2) Vectorworks are not interesting in people who rendering with renderworks and image effects. 6 monts after 2019 launch (maybe more) actually if i teach Vw to someone i need to say him “stay away from image effects”. After all, not all people are betatester: i love to be one of them but not everyone must be. People works with Vectorworks, and need to generate image without hoping but knowing what he does. People hope that a football team could win a championship. When i work in a team “out of my hands” it is not even a thinkable sentence . I lost the work if i say something like this. I need to cooperate to solve the problem, not to wash my hands and says: not my problem. Because this question, sorry, but it becomes to be a commedy. Ok for sp3, but for sp4 it will need to be fixed certainely! otherwise it is better that you withdraw the command, people will early a lot of time without a black rendering button command. Not to generate controversy, but to let understand that is really important question to fix immediately. So, good work and have a nice day. Z
  17. Hi Bruce What kind of change do you want to make precisely? Could you attach some images?
  18. Good luck Jim. I have no idea how users will do without your knowledge. You made the difference. Thank you. Really hope to see you here again.
  19. Jim, Every time we are in front a different OS, different software or simply in front a new UI, that is obviously a little shock for users. It can generate 2 reaction's type: to feeling lost or to feeling interested to discover a new languages. The second way i think is typical for beta-tester or for people can see the new ways like opportunities, an it must be a deep help for the "first way" user to get easier the learning way. In my opinion a third way don't exist: if the new UI will switch with little steps it will generate always an old aspect with some new improvements, and that isn't what VW need for this issue. I use VW from 10 years (i was 24) and except for the Recourse Browser i didn't see any deep changes in UI. But i saw tons of new functionality that starting to be too thigt and complicated for this interface. And when I saw the Stephan's new interface i had no doubt for her potentiality. It was really like oxygen. On the other side i see that VW go quickly further for cloud services, new graphic tools that needs month of tests to get stable. So they could be also considered "confusion danger" for new user. But they aren't. Allowing the betatester to use -for a entire year for example- a total New UI can create the best comparision between engeneers and "deep VW users" to be sure to follow the VW philosophy and than help all the users for 2021 to have less confution for the UI switching. In extremely case they could returd on "old UI" whit a dedicated button. But a radical UI switching is necessary. Z
  20. Another big problem with the "bubble-reflection-clip cube" effect. Look at the windows near sofas.. at ground floor.. it must be a double glass windows and it seem like 2 submarine circle windows.. In my personal opinion it could be fixed.. O_O O-O O:O O_O Or maybe i could project only submarine houses.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
  21. i have the same problem. It is totally random.
  22. Totally random.. after some modify everything appear well.. mah..
  23. Dear all, I have any ideas what you have on schedule for next year. 2019 Version is (finally) pretty stable after sp3, but honestly until now if the user wanted to use space or renderworks.. for lucky this nightmare is finish. I want to reactivate this topic about the amazing-beatiful-gorgeous Stephan Mönninghof's work. First of all: congratulation @Stephan Moenninghoff, one more time. I love your style. I see on youtube trailers here that you maked some test from 2018 version. So i really hope that for 2020 you can really offer a product with this amazing interface. For this reasons: 1) Is beautiful. Is attractive: for new and old users. VW users can say that they use a beautiful software to create beautifuls drawings. So: this interface is exactly what a VW need: the final puzzle's piece. 2) Is not a "dark painting UI". Somewhere on youtube i have seen several screenshot with a "dark interface". It looks like VW was something like a simply color invertion. Don't do this mistake: Stephan user's is 1000 times more good looking, different and respectful for the Vectorworks Phylosophy. 3) Some old users should switch automatically on old interface, specially for first times, with a dedicated "switch button".. so no problem with old users. 4) For what i can see, some problem are fixed: for example Resource Browser allow users to activate more resource type in one time. Please don't lose this chance to give to public a great opportunity to increase the workflow and the time's quality users spend every time to create drawings. In my opinion, this interface could be also an opportunity to have more people which approaches to Vectorworks. Have a good work. Z
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