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  1. I'd like to now, for HBIM (historical BIM) workflow, if we will have variable thickness wall to manage correctly existing and historical buildings in Europe.
  2. Very interesting. Thank you!
  3. so.. in this case where work the hidden line angle exactly, if I need to add vertex on specific points?
  4. I hoped to find a simple solution with Lower hidden line angle.. and I was afraid that this was the only solution...
  5. No differences with 10 or 30 degrees here is the file Senza Titolo 1.vwx
  6. Hello. I need to see the marked lines on screenshot. Using hidden line with lower settings in doesn't appear. It is a curved baseboard but I'm not able to see the lines. How can I activate then? Thanks
  7. I agree. Actually during a lot of heavy process in a VW workflow I can see the CPU load and it is often on 1 thread.
  8. I’m used to convert the pointcloud into a mesh model. Point visualization is in VW not corresponding to real point number. The mesh quality allows you to find very better the point you need or simply to show model parts very hard to model, like decorations or similar. Out of this, clipe cube, registered views and workplane are the focus point you need to model in vectorworks from pointcloud.
  9. No panic. From now every developer can test the softwares on Big Sure and here everyone can see how the VW team works better with Catalina after the Mojave experience. Off course that could be a chance to complete re-write the softwares but I'm not a developlver and so I'll wait some comment here from the team, but I'm sure they will take time to give us their point of view. There is no reason to be worried now. Tim Cook said that there are also other new Mac intel based coming on the market.
  10. Similar problem on opening with irregular angle, Interiorcad can't fine a correct element to open the part
  11. Hello I need to create a single panel on the cabinet's rear attached. I would like to generate a single panel, not adding a 3d extra part. It is possibile? (number 1) And (2) can I add a connection to create a 270 degrees opening? Thanks @Stephan Moenninghoff 🙂 270 band 3d + C panel.vwx
  12. Hello, Wich is the best way fo fix this 2 ways? 1) I have to create a C horizontal form into a 3 part cabinet. Actually I added a extra 3d part in the middle but I think is better to find another way to manage it. (Image 1a-b) 2) How can I remove the wood part on image 2 divisory? (Image 2)Interiorcad.vwx @Stephan Moenninghoff Interiorcad.vwx
  13. Hi It depends on what you want to transfer from one project to another. 🤔 If you need transfer wall styles and connection components with a wall, of course you have to transfer both styles. Often you have to define a set of slab wall and roof Componenti 2 v2020.vwx
  14. Slanted walls on Revit 2021. http://www.aecbytes.com/tipsandtricks/2020/issue90-revit.html .... .... .... .... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Don, you're in the exactly same place where I was 2 or 3 weeks ago. Exactly the same. You don't understand what happened when the Covid-19 goes to increase the presence in the country. In Italy we are like during a war. And that's because people don't understood the Virus's Power. Trust me, take everything before the storm. Start to work at home. Don't go on Metro, Bus, Station, Supermarket, etc. Stay away 2 meters from everyone. Trust who lives in the middle of emergency. Because it is. An Emergency.
  16. One of the most important issue is speed, not quality. Renderworks are able to create good static images. Exept for those f@&€ing spotchliness (i post bugs from YEARS and it is only workaround and fake lights). Panoramas, animations etc are totally out of acceptable time elaboration progress. Even high quality render need to have nights of patience. One thing is need to have a professional renderings (and in this case i agree when i read “switch to another software”) but integration means that i could not get older during a 300 dpi 20x30 cm viewport or during a big section. Or to aren't not able to launch an animation out of OpenGL. In this case Redshift could be right choise users need. A revolution, same of 3D free modelling since 2013.
  17. so the demo version for mac on redshift site could be allow us to test redshift on mac? If you read requests there are no mention about metal, but request 10.14 or older macOs with CUDA driver 🤷🏻‍♂️
  18. Sorry for the simply question, but.. I don't remember Apple that actually have Nvidia Graphic Cards.. so how can people try the Mac version?
  19. Remember this thread, guys. We already need another stair tool... hope to hear some news about this very soon..
  20. After that.. where did the opportunity to create an openGL Panorama go?
  21. There is a way to continue using vectorworks during a panorama elaboration, same as rendering a viewport, or not?
  22. no way. Problems are solving actally
  23. As I remember, the first version of panorama did not allow user to continue the work with vectorworks. The following versions solved this problem, but actually seems that if you calculate a panorama everything is locked and you have to wait the end of process. Or did I miss something?
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