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  1. Yes, the "object mode" you explain on the video works well. And I know that I need to check "ridimensiona oggetto" but the problem is that I don't see the specific selected marionette object. If I select the Clothes Rail, it doesn't appear on my cabinet. Symbol method is done. Thanks a lot Stephan
  2. Hello @Stephan Moenninghoff could you please let me why the Clothes Rail doesn't appear on this cabinet? Thanks 🙂 Cabinet marionette.vwx
  3. The purple windows problem can be fixed by disable this option on general panel on system settings https://www.reddit.com/r/macbookpro/comments/kgj0n1/purple_backdrop_issues_on_macbook_pro_m1/
  4. At first I tried Mac to Mac, second Time from time machine backup to Mac, problem with 2 users, no administrator. 3rd time one more time with time machine, problem with dropbox and purple screen. Every time formatting everything last time i switched to be an apple betatester 😄 I have all documents on dropbox. Then set the mails one by one, than installing software one by one, driver one by one Today finally I find a good way
  5. By the way.. MBP is connected with usb c cable to a LG 27’ 4k. Absolutely fine. If the MBP is open and it is connected with the 4k monitor, navigation experience throug heavy vw files in Open GL are better on my imac 2017 with 8 gb gpu, but using only the 4k monitor it looks the same, for now. If you switch to M1, absolutely ABSOLUTELY do not trasfer directly data from intel mac or using time machine. It’s a disaster: 8 hour on phone with apple and dropbox support, finally resolved ONLY with a new clean installation. But yes, i think M1 is the way, quicker than we can imagine.. have a cadmouse and spacenavigator, both from 3d connexion, no issue for now
  6. Viewport, same situation render time MBP 13 M1 9 min 18 sec (with a 4k monitor and an iPad Pro via sidecar connected), 9 min 0 sec alone iMac 2017 5k quadcore 4,2 Ghz 64 gb ram 11 min 38 sec, alone
  7. Garden designer using Autocad? OMG welcome to the new life!
  8. Here is it The main class is Bridle Main. Then are also: Rigging-Bridle-Connection= connections Rigging-Bridle-Geometry= what I need in gray Rigging-Bridle-Label= label if exist You can hide the last 3. If you hide the first one the entire object disappear. If you set the first class to show, you alway see lines, even if the planar object on viewport is set to off Bridle lines.vwx
  9. Yes, i know the process. But lines are connected to the main class object. If you turn off the main class, 3d geometry and lines are turned off -even if classe are visibile-. You can turn off the 3d geometry but you can’t turn off the lines. So in this way i need to hide the entire object but i need to hide only lines.. that’s my issue..
  10. Own class seems to show those lines.. as I understand..
  11. Yes, but the lines are controlled by the main class. If you set it to invisible, you can't see the 3d geometry. If you turn off the geometry, you see only the main class with lines.
  12. Hello, there is a rendered viewport with some elements. How can I delete the bridle lines? Planar project Is set to OFF
  13. Hi VW allows user to put several color codes for lights directly into OIP. Where can I find a list? Thanks
  14. Good morning. I would like to ask if this procedure is correct: I want to connect some lights to a sloped truss. In top / plan view they seems connected correctly, but in 3d it is not verified. Does this mean that you have to redo the connections twice? If you redistribute the lights from top view the connections are not easily controllable. How should you proceed correctly? Thanks Connecting lights on angled truss_L.mp4
  15. Yes, but I'm not sure that users can see directly multiple object's area (sum of..) on OIP, like on STR's example.
  16. Could you please tell us your MBP specs? Maybe we have the same machine
  17. 3d connexion solved all problems with space navigator, vectorworks, and big sur https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=39825
  18. It is a 1080p but you can see that only mode bar has the problem
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