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  1. Actually not I'm focused on big files. I'm worked with this machine remotely, it's not mine. Mine is the same and arrived at end November. Maybe I will test big section viewport later. If you have something send me on PM
  2. Good morning. I can confirm that the data for now has defined a 50% faster CPU rendering time and 70% faster GPU rendering than a 13 'MBP with M1. The tests concerned for now only viewports at 300 dpi rendered with custom renderworks on one side and redshift on the other, repeating the same operations with both machines. There have been some problems with unified memory though. I wanted to do an important stress test. I opened a file I worked with two years ago on a 27 'Intel iMac quad core (2017) with 64GB of RAM at 2400. It is a file with 6 referenced files. In each of these files there is a 100 million point poincloud. So the final file features a 600 million point cloud. Well, the iMac as long as it had 40 GB of RAM in doing this process ran out of virtual memory and crashed. The entire operating system was crashing, not just the software. By reaching 64GB of RAM, I was able to finish the job by the time. With difficulty, but I did it. With the MBP 13' and M1 there was no way to overcome 3 pointclouds. I was sure I could handle everything with the test machine which has the following characteristics - MBP 16 'M1 max - 64 GB unified memory - 2 TB SSD But with great regret he managed to barely open 4 and then close. It failed to finish when VW started asking for around 94-95GB of memory. Something important must therefore be changed about virtual memory, and this could be a problem in these cases, because VW with very large files consumes a lot of virtual memory and does not get it free until the software is turned off. In the night I calculated an Panorama with redshift. As soon as I can I'll show you some images Z
  3. Today I will have the opportunity to compare my m1 Mbp 13" with a 16" m1 max with 64gb unified memory. I have big point cloud file (6x100 million point referenced files) and panorama with redshift rendering file for testing. If someone is interested, you can send me files with some description via PM Session will start in 7 hours from now Thanks
  4. from same situation. I suggest you to test new rendering styles, in few time you can find good results.
  5. Hello everyone. I want to share with you some experiments conducted with ies files in the 2022 version, comparing renderworks and redshift with a texture bump and with 3 ies lights placed in front of a wall pointing 90 degrees towards the wall itself and the same three lights placed at the top, oriented downwards. I think the redshift rendering is much more realistic and beautiful to look at. On the left of each photo the renderworks version on the right is the redshift version. the image is 300 dpi 90cm x 50cm Z
  6. Trust me, it changes a lot. Performance, boot time, big files.
  7. HI @Stephan Moenninghoff consider also the section viewports and clip cube are not able to reproduce correctly the profile
  8. OK great, but actually if you can do something it's really more important the correct profile on layout instead the rendering. Thanks a lot 🙂
  9. @Stephan Moenninghoff Hello how can I add the profile from the new tools 3D into the layout?
  10. And the "edit position component" doesn't works well.. maybe because it's a structural member..
  11. Thanks a lot and don't worry, no problem. This is exactly the point. I have to convince a manufacturer to follow my work to rely on one of my models. I have to prove that I have everything under control. Hopefully, I will make a model that is so complex that I assure you it will be very interesting. But I always find several problems. For example: the last one is this. I can't hide the "behind" symbol on the wall. I can't figure out how to do it.
  12. @lorenza solved this! 👩‍⚕️ I am happy because I was going to create tons of niches in the walls and all of this looked like a nightmare
  13. Yeah that's exactly what I need, thank you!
  14. @Stephan Moenninghoff On a cabinet I can put 1:4 input to manage 1/4 of total space The results Is 1:4:#:# So if I try to write 1:4:#:1/4 to have 1/4 above, 1/4 top and the rest in the middle it works, but the impute is modified to 1:4:#:1 and it generate 3 spaces (not 4) If I try to write 1:4:#:#:1/4 there is no way to have 1/4 above, 1/4 top and other 2 space in the middle
  15. RESOLVED WITH @lorenza Is enough to add a 3d solid into the hole part of the simbol.. and it works correctly
  16. Yes, exactly, that's the point, thank you.
  17. It's almost 17%, do you think is enough to be considered for a right calculation?
  18. Sorry but for this work I need to calculate right the material quantities. And I don't understand why if I put a windows into a wall or a beam into a wall that are calculated differently
  19. It would be great if I have only 1 type beam. But this is not the case. I need to put into walls several beams with different dimensions. Symbol in a wall is a good workflow, but the problem is the quantities. I can't create a "hole" inside the wall.
  20. In a single wall this beam makes 4 mq difference. 4 mq means 120 euros. This is a single wall for a single stories for a single tower. I think is something like 10x floor so 1200 per floor. The entire project is 12 floors per tower so 14.400 euros x means 43.200 euros. So, yes, it's very important for me to have the right control for this paramethers, thank you.
  21. yes, that was the problem. Another problem is that if you insert a symbol into a wall without Breaks, the component quantities are the same as the wall without the simbol so I need to add also a wall in feature.. and repeat this process for every beam. That's insane..
  22. hello I'm working on a new BIM model. I need to set everything precisely and need to put a beam into a wall to generate a correct material worksheet quantity report My goal is to put the beam into the wall like a simbol but if I convert a structural element into a symbol it becomes like a parametric element and I can't put it into the wall How can I solve this problem?
  23. @Stephan Moenninghoff Hello I'm trying to apply a macro inside a handle to replicate the model of the video on interiorcad 2021. The macro works correctly. I tried to create a symbol converted into a group after inserting a 3D object to which I applied a subtraction created from the same symbol with which I customized the macro. If I insert the handle, the door is not drilled, but if I apply the same macro inserted in the handle group, the door is drilled. Am I doing something wrong? Cabina armadio.vwx
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