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  1. First of all, I think that reality and life is on perspective view, so don't think about the othografic. You have to set all on rendtrworks camera object, from OIP. Then create a viewport. Than render it with a render style who have the rendtrworks camera set to on. There are some video on gorgeous playlist on vectorworks channel watch the video 2 and 3, and search something about camera match tool
  2. No. What you need is - create a model in vector - set a rendtrworks camera on position, mm etc - render a viewport (from rendtrworks camera) with renderstyle and camera effect set to on - using camera match or export the image for external work
  3. Sorry but, a 50 mm fixed focal lens from a camera generate a perspective view. There are a lot of settings inside the renderworks camera on the OIP, included the perspective control from a ratio or from focal. What kind of goal do you have with the 50 mm image?
  4. Helllo everyone I generated this short video of my home, to test the new VW Animation. 12 hours time elaboration. 10 second and low quality... So.. my opinion is that actually is a good tool but animation must be considered only outside renderworks+Cinema 4D engine. Twinmotion is the best way actually, but I dream to see another render engine inside vectorworks to have similar results between sections, perspective views and animations. Maybe if I find some time I will try to use Twinmotion to do the same. Regards Z ZZZZ.mov
  5. I have some problem to download the 2.2 version. I can't go up to 70 kb/sec
  6. Wenn du möchtest, possiamo parlare a mix of the three launguages, für nächste Mal.
  7. For another time I found this problem. At this time in animation (there is some issue to fix) on a mirror surface. But unfortunately the bug is going to the same "process" (with the same person) where every bug is always moved forward in time. For years, from version to version. It's years I posted bugs and posts about this spot problem. Actually we have a good result from @James H. and I'm happy for him. But sorry.. it's an empty large room. It's easy to fix this. What about hundred of textures, hundred of object? What about if I need the windows glass with a glass reflection and not like a portal? What about a realistic light without ambient windows? I appreciate the workarounds, for little time. I'd like to know if this "spot spot" spot problem will be fixed or not. Maybe I'll start to learn Cinema 4D (but I prefer to stay into rendtrworks, because I like it). I'd like to now something more about the renderworks engine updating. 01_B_720_Render.mov
  8. So the process you used is 1) set portal to windows 2) get out the light from lamps 3) set only glow textures from the lamp? That's all? Right? What happened if you set blurriness to off and disabled "ambient info" from Render Style? Can you post a result whit this 2 changes? Look at the render time too please.
  9. Why must I write in English with an Italian user -_- So, I'm used to set the global 0 in a specific point on site. From there I start to set the project. For IFC Export I didn't change any parameters on reference elevation.
  10. Here you are ISSUE: before creating stories, I'm used to sketch a schema, like the attached one. Maybe it can not correspond with the file, but it is very useful before start. It's easy and quickly, then you can have more control. Stories.vwx
  11. oh thanks Wes, later i’ll post the set up file
  12. To be honest, I wouldn't know how I'd do it without stories to model this. 1 buildings, 3 towers 18 stories, every story 3 design layer. 54 layers generated automaticallly so... thanks stories and.. learn stories
  13. 25) Make section great again. Trasfer the "top/plan" view concept for details also in section. Getting around a wall or slab also in XZ and YZ plans. Actually connecting wall and roof component is really hard.
  14. happy to read that not only Italian people want a variable thickness wall
  15. 22) curved truss. And structural elements with correct connection 23) multiple stories hole for MEP 24) VectoMEP's Integration into Vectorworks http://www.vectormep.com
  16. 14) tool for HBIM restoration and renovation tool. Wall with different thickness. 15) @Stephan Moenninghoff‘S concept user interface (i don’t like dark mode, that remember me autocad) 16) Stair tool (again) Door and Windows (again) 17) Mep Tools!!! 18) multistories tool
  17. Hello, i ask for help to close this object. Or a way to fix it Thanks Z Prova.vwx
  18. OMG how can i add another UP on this thread?
  19. Very good Job, guys! Thank you! 👍
  20. Thanks Mihal for your support. Zeno
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