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  1. So, after 2 days different things have changed: with ambient light set to off and only with indirect lightning, heliodon, background, exposure camera settings i managed to find a better result, in terms of time than I believe, of quality. In fact, if you work with "fake global light" you can't set correctly lamps and camera settings, because you need to follow the fake light that you introduced. I think now is better the mirror and the whole scene is more realistic. Next step (maybe next work) is how introduce volumetric light from windows, i just tried once but without good results so i let it go . About the time: drastically reduced, up to 7 times!!! Thank you so much to JimW. I attached the picture and the Renderstyle settings. See you! RenStyleZeno.vwx
  2. I watched the wall bottom and only with 2 or boundes that seems badly than with 8, or for example the roof near the light.. it seems an orange not a wall these effect is fixed with 8 boundes (or.. wait a moment.. could by the better settings on a quality tab? )
  3. For the moment i stay away from Blurriness :-) I'm just trying others settings: now i set lower illumination to incandescense texture (from 350& to 100%) and high exposure time (1/60 and 100 iso) to have better global illumination without GI setting. The rendering are dark. But i can't spend 7 hour for a render. I just need to find the correct settings between - light power - time exposure and iso in camera settings - blur setting on the camera For the indiricect lighting i already have 8 boundes and high quality, not less. But: more boundes means more light? I'm not totally sure i undertand this. I hope that in a cup of hours i will find the final standards, but i feel that more i work without GI, more realistic situation i find. I get lower illumination for example.. so i think that if you want to work with a camera like in the real world, you can work without GI. without GI means less time render, because indirect lightning is necessary in my opionion. Which one of the settings you mean to set in AA (AA means Molto Alta so very High?)
  4. Ok. I thing it's working. 6 viewport rendered less than 8 hours, just another settings for the light power. Another "illumination settings": bloom effect. In attachment the same scene, 2 different cameras. The only difference is the bloom effect (7% higher, 2% lower).
  5. So: this the summary just for now. I will try to set all the viewport i need with camera+exposure setting, but with 4 Bounces (actually is 3). I think that 1 hour and a half could be enough.
  6. For now, in a half hour it is on a wonderful total white style, apparetly locked, working (i believe) for the preview. I wait not more than 20 minute and i try with the camera without Ambient Light.
  7. But i use the cameras! So i can turn on the indirect light, turn off the ambient light and play with exposure. I think but that the lamps goes to be extra exposed... so no extra time but extra exposed zone i think. I can try for the next step.
  8. Sagge parole dispensi ai discepoli, maestro! Yes, it is a charming world but it need much expensive time. Now i'm tring with this settings.. let's wait and see (it will be a very long night..)
  9. With only 3 Bounces the scenes becomes to dark, with GI i dont see the reflection on the light.. how can i resolve it? I need both! We passt from 7 hour 45 minute to 15 minute and then 1 hour
  10. So.. we passed from 7 hours and 45 minutes to just 15 minute... ahaha.. i believe this way is really better than another! But the quality off course is a little bit lower.. I just need to see the lamp's reflection on the roof and increase the quality (see you the rumor at the bottom?). So need i to activate indirect lighting and deactivate ambient lighting/occlusion, right? No words!!! Thanks!! You rock!!
  11. I'm very impressed by the accuracy of your answer. Thank you so much. So i put in practice your advice. i keep you informed. :-)
  12. Thank you. I can post the setting file, but is in italian.. Is it the same? :-)
  13. Hello everyone, i am fairly new here.. I would like to ask you an opinion on the duration of rendering. This is the second work i render with VW (before i already use Artlantis) These viewport Is 35 cm wide and 21 in height, the sheet layer is set on 200 DPI. The CPU i7 4790 3.60 Ghz. At the moment the machine is working from 7 hours and more.. I'm a bit worried because I have another 6 viewport ready :-) Someone have an idea about the long duration of rendering? Thanks
  14. Sometimes i had the same issue. If you use a camera and try to render the viewport in OpenGL, everithing looks fine, but if you try to render it in another mode everithing get black. if you convert the viewport into a camera by double cliking on the viewport, go inside the camera, try to check the real position of the camera in a plan view. Sometimes the point of view is in the middle of a wall component or in a object and when you try to render the scene everithing get black (not opengl).
  15. Need the .ctb file be generated from the dwg file i want to import? Or need it only to have the same position on the folder? thanks
  16. It may very useful to be able to handle the thickness and inclination of the walls and its component freely. We European users feel very much the need to have more freedom in the drawing of the walls.
  17. Absolutely we need it. The viewport should be rendered with every render-style mode. It is an effective tool for project representation.
  18. Hello everyone, if i need to project correctly a wood house, actually i can't.. off course i would like to see all the components, in 3 dimension etc. Could be enough if it were possibile to set every single component of the wall like a frame or a panel. We could have 3 choices: standard wall, courtain wall and.. Superwall! In a superwall every component can be set like a frame or panel, and so the user can create correctly a complete house structure all made in wood. Sounds it good? Bye!
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