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  1. So i started from step one.. but i had some problems to set 1) heliodon power (between 10 and 300 are no differences, in spite of openGL effect... i don't understand why) 2) camera time exposure and ISO (400 ISO and 1/60s exposure time) 3) HDRI panoramic image's brightness (i need to set it very very low to have a balanced image, only 5%) here is the result of step one.. are the settings correct?
  2. Very important information. Very grateful JoshP! I will learn and thoroughly on my work and I will repost my implementation. Thanks a lot one more time :-)
  3. Thank you all for the answers, before continuing to changes I have another question if I can. I like to use camera effects (exposure and depth of field) mainly for a reason: I like to have the scene's brightness control with some realistic settings. But I understand that if I I use 4 or 16 rebounds, the entire scene changes drastically. I would like to understand if theoretically is better to work with 4 or 16 rebounds, to leave this setting fixed and work to others parameters (light power, camera exposition, background, texture's quality and so..). Without this certainty, there are too many changes to think about. Can I continue with this belief or is better to change my working method?
  4. hello everyone, I have already tried to see in a test render file how the new 2018 renderworks engine work. I also noticed that in the Indirect Light options Vectorworks now allows setting16 rebounds. But not 8. So I'm in a little Trouble, because: -with 4 rebounds I see some circle on textures (not very good to see) - with 16 rebounds there are too many reflections and the results are not how I expect. Here is an area with no light or similar, but it looks in 16 rebounds mode like an overpowered light (see the arrows) Can I fix this? PS: the pictures are in low res (50 dpi)
  5. Hello everyone, i'm trying to resolve an issue. In a previous render without camera settings i could to see the sky on the scene. After that i tried to set the rendering style with this setting BRIGHTNESS 30% BACKGROUND HDRI no AMBIENT LIGHT Indirect lightning 4 rebounds Heliodon ON phisical sun ON phisical Sky ON sole 35 % power cam 400 ISO 1/250 sec exposure but.. i can't see the clouds and the sky like the previous render could anyone show me the clouds? ;-) thank you and have a good work Z
  6. Thank you so much Jim. I did not think about it.
  7. Hello everyone, i just have a simple question. I would like to improve the render scene with some 3d support images.. but: could i set the light settings about these objects? they appear all time too bright. I attach a screenshot: there is a dark scene made deliberately thank you
  8. Try this: double click on viewport, go inside the “camera” mode, render the view in a quick mode, then come back to the viewport and retry to update it. i had the same problem and it works
  9. I thing this is not possible at the moment..
  10. Ok.. just the fill color....
  11. I'm trying to set different setting I can not understand why the light that comes to the bottom wall does not becomes red or orange (like a evening light). I can not change the color of sunlight.
  12. What do you mean exactly? To import a large number of resources in one action?
  13. Hi, I'm trying to create a light coming from the outside, but i have some problems. First of all, i don't understand why a spot light cross the slab even though the option "create shadow" has activated on the OIP
  14. Dreaming is free .. who knows if one day VW will come to this (from minute 2:00)
  15. It could stop the infinity-loop-copy-viewport-and-retry-one-more-time-with-other-setting session
  16. Add the option to set and unset to view 2D element without re-elaborate the render...
  17. Thank you, Markvl I know about the sofa.. it is a payment model available on a very good site (it's my home's sofa :-) ) For the floor: I know, it's bad. But it's for extremely hurry! Next time I will learn how to set a correct personalized texture and how to have volumetric light from heliodon. Bye! :-)
  18. I have too, but I think that the operation could be dedicated just to rendering comparison. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only user with that problem.
  19. Thank you for the response, maybe could be applied automatically when the picture is elaborated. This means that the user can't accidentally delete all with a simple cmd+z command or similar. I don't know what the picture elaborated really is, I mean "inside" the viewport. Even I can do I manually, this operation can make some confusion during the workflow. More powerful more simple... for the new users too..
  20. Sometimes when you finish to elaborate a rendered viewport (maybe after hours) you need to manage the object for impagination setting. Not for rescaling picture, but for exemple you need to move it into the sheet layer, aling it, cut it, eccetera.. Try to move a rendered viewport and then press cntrl+z WIN or cmd+z macOSX. The rendered viewport disappeared, and it's easy not to take it positively. The same when you need to recover the backup file. All viewport are losts. So: could be very helpful to find something for really saving the rendered viewports, even when "saving cache viewport" is enabled. Maybe is just sufficient to create automatically a png image on the final process, like when you separate a pdf file, you know? Thank you and have good work Z
  21. So, after 2 days different things have changed: with ambient light set to off and only with indirect lightning, heliodon, background, exposure camera settings i managed to find a better result, in terms of time than I believe, of quality. In fact, if you work with "fake global light" you can't set correctly lamps and camera settings, because you need to follow the fake light that you introduced. I think now is better the mirror and the whole scene is more realistic. Next step (maybe next work) is how introduce volumetric light from windows, i just tried once but without good results so i let it go . About the time: drastically reduced, up to 7 times!!! Thank you so much to JimW. I attached the picture and the Renderstyle settings. See you! RenStyleZeno.vwx
  22. I watched the wall bottom and only with 2 or boundes that seems badly than with 8, or for example the roof near the light.. it seems an orange not a wall these effect is fixed with 8 boundes (or.. wait a moment.. could by the better settings on a quality tab? )
  23. For the moment i stay away from Blurriness :-) I'm just trying others settings: now i set lower illumination to incandescense texture (from 350& to 100%) and high exposure time (1/60 and 100 iso) to have better global illumination without GI setting. The rendering are dark. But i can't spend 7 hour for a render. I just need to find the correct settings between - light power - time exposure and iso in camera settings - blur setting on the camera For the indiricect lighting i already have 8 boundes and high quality, not less. But: more boundes means more light? I'm not totally sure i undertand this. I hope that in a cup of hours i will find the final standards, but i feel that more i work without GI, more realistic situation i find. I get lower illumination for example.. so i think that if you want to work with a camera like in the real world, you can work without GI. without GI means less time render, because indirect lightning is necessary in my opionion. Which one of the settings you mean to set in AA (AA means Molto Alta so very High?)
  24. Ok. I thing it's working. 6 viewport rendered less than 8 hours, just another settings for the light power. Another "illumination settings": bloom effect. In attachment the same scene, 2 different cameras. The only difference is the bloom effect (7% higher, 2% lower).
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