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  1. I'm just tring some different settings. I had a very big problem. Every metal shaders worked like a light, even at 5 % brightness. look at picture attached: both have the SAME settings, exept for metal texture settings of sittings (you can see something similar a light on the kitchen: it is a metal part) how is possible to manage it? it works well?
  2. Some splotchiness are going away buth some are remaining maybe a 3D geometry problem for the windows?
  3. Thank you Jim, i will repost it with the updatedet settings How about using non total white color?
  4. Hello everyone... I just restarted to set some renderings on the scene. Actually, i use a very high background (up to 5000% brightness) and a render style without a camera. I find the internal light good but I need to replace some texture etcetera. No more light on the scene. But some spot are here... and I need to understand how can I remove it to continue my work. Does it depend only on the texture of the window part? Thanks a lot Z
  5. I would like to have this implementation, in addiction of some structural definitions for the other 3D contruction methods
  6. On the Italian Version (we use the “architect window/door tool), if you need to create a door style you can do it inside the tool’s dialog. Begin from a simple window or door and than search where you can save it like a symbol or something similar. So you will add your style on your file resources. attention: i used often this styles. I noted that if you make several chang settings on the style, every time you will wait a liitle bit for effective changings on the scene. I readed that it’s a single core process : if you see that the file is “freezed” that’s because the changing is in progress. For example sometimes i needed to wait 3 minute for 5 windows-changing progress, all comes from a single windows style. Exept the time, this is a very great instrument. Remember that you can lock/unlock what you need.
  7. Someone has the updated link of these link, please?
  8. I'm so sorry. Could you direct me on one of the latest?
  9. Thank you very much, Jim. I think that it could be a very important issue for the next versions-release. Every CPU core is virtually doubled (correct?), and if those limitations persist, peoples can use only a half core on a machine with 4, 8 until 18 core. I can't imagine the global improvement if all commands will be built for multi-core processes (that means up to 36x more faster for a duplication? Really?). Is it a list where we can know which commands are "single-virtual-core" programmed? That could be very useful for me, i will change my iMac in a few months, and actually, i use VW 24/7 for my work. Thanks a lot, one more time.
  10. I confirm that the only active process was just the plants. The other files were only opened.
  11. Very useful topic. Thanks a lot, Jim! But sometimes I'm a little bit confused about the ongoing process and the dedicated hardware part. For Example some days ago I tried an entry Level iMac Pro (the 8 core model, with 8 GB graphic card and 1 TB SSD). I tried to open an 850 MB file (an image is attached) to try the speed working improvement rendering etc. Actually, i work with the iMac you can see on firm, and trust me the improvement is absolutely not relevant (except for rendering). To create a set of tree: I waited for 3 minutes the process's ending but at the end, i did a force software quit. I noticed the CPU charge was always at 100% level (on a maximum 1600%, like a Cinema Render process). So my question is: having understood what improvements are to be considered in the hardware, are all software processes capable of exploiting its potential? Thanks a lot for your advice Zeno
  12. I'm very impressed with this 2018 version of Vectorworks. Style object and multiview, in collaboration with some features like stories, wall component etc. can really improve the workflow. But.. I can't see how long must I wait for a process like for example to change a single parameter of 50 windows, all located in a single window-style. And I see that Vectorworks always work with a single core. In a 2015 MBP, I can use only 1/4 of processing power, that mens 4x time waiting for ever process?. What about the next generation of iMacPro, until 18 core? Can we imagine continue to work with only one core? Of course, during a rendering, I see that Cinerender needs all the CPU'S resources, but often I see that I lost the workflow productivity because I need wait ever that the single core going to finish the work. Sometimes I wait for 60 seconds. That's not very fine. We can't escape from this if we think, that in a complex BIM processes we need to manipulate very very big architectural projects. Vectorworks can have a very important role for architects about this. Can we hope to see this improvement in the future? Thanks to all and have good work. Z
  13. Hello Stephan! Thank you so much for you help. Off course i will reply this renderings with the 2018 version as soon as possibile!
  14. Yes. In this case (a file coming from 2017 version) some lights needs to be replaced on the new version. Now I’ve reached a better result (even with a low light in the scene) about thr spot on textures. I hade some problems to have good results only with a daylight from background or/with a heliodon light. I continue to work with camera exposure set to active but the scene is always dark. I will post the results soon. Thank you for your help. Ps: i don’t like to use a “fake point light” or ambient light, but i’m starting to think that i will need to use them with a camera exposure.
  15. Ok, at the moment I have these 2 results: (150 DPI 35cm*21cm viewport 16 rebounds) - The first one without ambient light, only indirect light: the scene is more realistic (too dark I think) but the odd splotchiness are there.. 10 minute render time - The second one had the ambient light set to ON, the scene is cleaner but too fake... I prefer to set the ambient light to OFF, but really need I to use another light or could be better if I increase the existing light power? Off course I prefer to have brighter scene, but is more important at the moment to delete the splotchiness (what appened if i will really need a dark scene? ) I really hate these spots! :-) Thank to all PS: another question during the calculation time, sometimes the WIP render picture, that normally starts in black and going to the final results like in a Matrix view, is totally white up to the final results... someone knows why?
  16. Can i ask you if is necessary to turn ON the blurriness option? Does it increase drastically the render time?
  17. To better explain what i mean: the 2 viewports have the same settings, only a heliodon light (power 100%) and a HDRI day background (power 100%). The second one had the camera exposures set to ON and 1/100 s + 400 ISO parameters. How could I have a correct light power control without the camera settings (like the viewport 1?) ? I think that the only way is without using Heliodon light. What do you think about it?
  18. Thank you for the answer i just tried to follow the JoshP steps and on the first step (OMG.. never stop learning :-D ) i had some problems because i had see that on step 2 will I turn on the indirect light so I tried to do the step one without indirect light The problem with the solar power disappear if i use indirect light and i can set the parameters and see the differences. But i don't understand why if I set the indirect light to OFF and i use a Heliodon i can't set the differences between power 10 or 300 on OIP, but is not important at this point. I will go to see into the file the render style settings to better understand
  19. So i started from step one.. but i had some problems to set 1) heliodon power (between 10 and 300 are no differences, in spite of openGL effect... i don't understand why) 2) camera time exposure and ISO (400 ISO and 1/60s exposure time) 3) HDRI panoramic image's brightness (i need to set it very very low to have a balanced image, only 5%) here is the result of step one.. are the settings correct?
  20. Very important information. Very grateful JoshP! I will learn and thoroughly on my work and I will repost my implementation. Thanks a lot one more time :-)
  21. Thank you all for the answers, before continuing to changes I have another question if I can. I like to use camera effects (exposure and depth of field) mainly for a reason: I like to have the scene's brightness control with some realistic settings. But I understand that if I I use 4 or 16 rebounds, the entire scene changes drastically. I would like to understand if theoretically is better to work with 4 or 16 rebounds, to leave this setting fixed and work to others parameters (light power, camera exposition, background, texture's quality and so..). Without this certainty, there are too many changes to think about. Can I continue with this belief or is better to change my working method?
  22. hello everyone, I have already tried to see in a test render file how the new 2018 renderworks engine work. I also noticed that in the Indirect Light options Vectorworks now allows setting16 rebounds. But not 8. So I'm in a little Trouble, because: -with 4 rebounds I see some circle on textures (not very good to see) - with 16 rebounds there are too many reflections and the results are not how I expect. Here is an area with no light or similar, but it looks in 16 rebounds mode like an overpowered light (see the arrows) Can I fix this? PS: the pictures are in low res (50 dpi)
  23. Hello everyone, i'm trying to resolve an issue. In a previous render without camera settings i could to see the sky on the scene. After that i tried to set the rendering style with this setting BRIGHTNESS 30% BACKGROUND HDRI no AMBIENT LIGHT Indirect lightning 4 rebounds Heliodon ON phisical sun ON phisical Sky ON sole 35 % power cam 400 ISO 1/250 sec exposure but.. i can't see the clouds and the sky like the previous render could anyone show me the clouds? ;-) thank you and have a good work Z
  24. Thank you so much Jim. I did not think about it.
  25. Hello everyone, i just have a simple question. I would like to improve the render scene with some 3d support images.. but: could i set the light settings about these objects? they appear all time too bright. I attach a screenshot: there is a dark scene made deliberately thank you
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