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  1. 13 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

    Wast thinking about upgrading sooner than usual, and just read about an issue with a USB-C to DP external display connection. Is anyone here connecting their 4K monitor that way? Any issues with full screen native resolution or otherwise?




    What do you mean by DP? I have a 43 and I have no problems

  2. Good morning


    I would like to report an important BUG for CW windows. By copying and pasting the same window, they change the size. Trying the file on Big Sur DOES NOT HAPPEN. I'm about to try on windows.



    PS: Maybe it's a matter of SP2 and not the operating system. I’m testing

    PS2: it’s a regression from SP1. Tested on monterey, win11 and Ventura @Stephan Moenninghoff can we talk with someone?

    PS2: VB-192280 created

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Matt Panzer said:


    Just to clarify my last (brief) message: Deselecting "Include subparts" do show the quantities for me.




    sorry but I didn't understand. I missed the "de" of "selecting", my mistake.


    Ok. Actually me too now shows the quantities on that file even if it's not what I expected.


    If I can: if I exclude that selection I read the quantities of solids inside the autohybrids (why? but ok)


    If I have to read the wall components in the same worksheet where the materiali is on autohibrids object, how should I do it?



    PS: there is also this question about quantities material 







  4. Just now, Matt Panzer said:


    Hi @zeno,

    Try editing the Criteria and deselect "Include subparts".  It does look like a bug though...


    Hi Matt


    Thank you for answering


    I confirm that he can't read the quantities materials. But for now the road is simple because it sees the object but does not read the quantities, presenting a zero that is immediately understood. From the worksheet I'm going back to the autohybrids, which are still inside symbols, so I'm solving pretty fast. And yes: every time the quantities change as expected


    For the BUG there is already the VB-191520. I hope it can be resolved quickly. We have many other projects to do



  5. I'm working on the final list and it's interesting because you can also understand several errors that are present in the model.


    Studying in detail I noticed that autohybrid objects do not allow you to calculate the quantities of materials. I also posted the VB-191520


    @Matt Panzer please can I ask you in advance if you know a method to solve the problem? maybe i'm making a mistake like the one in the beam a few days ago.


    Thank you



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  6. Good morning


    I found a way, it works and I'm happy because I'll be able to proceed with my work.


    To define a list of materials for design layer you need to:


    - a worksheet where you define only the criteria ‘material x is present’ and ‘design layer is..’


    - the total sums are in the first row at the top of each criterion


    Comes a spreadsheet miles long because for now you can't merge the elements, so you need to:


    - another spreadsheet where you can report the data of the individual cells (connected)


    My opinion is that something smarter should be done in this direction. If the developers believe that my contribution can be useful, just write me in PM.


    Otherwise I can give my opinion and say that there is a big lack in the potential of the worksheet and materials for architectural projects.


    Thanks for the support





  7. I found the discussion more than a year ago made with@sbarrett



    So confirm what I thought: it's not possible to do what I need.


    I ask you what we can do: I think it is unacceptable that such an operation cannot be done for an architectural project.


    Can we all try to work together and solve this problem? I think it can interest a lot of people.


    What do you think about it?


    Thank you

  8. 8 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Dashing out now.  I will send more details later.


    Right click on the Database Header Row (3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.) choose Edit Criteria.  Click the Add button.  Set that new criteria to Layer Is and choose the layer you want.




    1- Material Takeoff - Database get a correct full list




    2- If I add "layer is --" whit "all criteria in this set" the worksheet is empty



    3- If I add "layer is --" whit "any criteria in this set" the worksheet don't allow me to merge materials






  9. @sbarrett good morning


    I seem to remember that some time ago I asked you something similar. But I'm not sure. The problem lies in easily defining the quantities of materials from objects such as walls or slabs with many components. For every single design layer. Each component has a material. The worksheet couldn't (and I still can't) merge the names of the materials to quickly calculate everything.


    It is a very important project, it could be a good thing to show. May I ask you what you think? Did you get to do some rehearsals?


    Thank you in advance

  10. 22 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    I think we will be able to get you what you want.


    There is a Criteria of Material <Any> is present.  Using that you should be able to get all of the objects that have materials. Add a Layer Is criteria and you will get only the materials that are on a specific layer.


    Check the Search Within Symbols and Search Within Plug-in Objects boxes and you should get all the contained objects on the layer as well.


    If this is not enough, please post a file with some objects so I can work on getting you what you need.


    Using any material is present, I need to check the quantity inside component wall etc. By this way, the quantity are not merged and see every single wall. Can I send you via PM a message with a dedicated link? thanks

  11. 18 hours ago, Matt Panzer said:

    @gfebres@gfarch.ca, @zeno, @station, @GregG, Et al,


    Do you know if you were using project sharing when this happened?


    Good morning Matt.


    I am still currently using a CW window with other objects modeled and converted to autohybrid all togheret in a symbol in walls which in turn have inserted beam objects as symbols.


    The problem had been resolved, but I had to reinsert the windows AFTER making the update.


    Unfortunately, project sharing has never been used. I don't know people who have the ability to handle complex projects with VW.


    Thank you

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