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  1. Are there some other issues out of renderings, actually?
  2. Ok I'll do it actually I need to extract all auto hybrid from my project. That's the only way to get quantity materials for solids and components
  3. OMG sorry but I didn't understand. I missed the "de" of "selecting", my mistake. Ok. Actually me too now shows the quantities on that file even if it's not what I expected. If I can: if I exclude that selection I read the quantities of solids inside the autohybrids (why? but ok) If I have to read the wall components in the same worksheet where the materiali is on autohibrids object, how should I do it? Thanks PS: there is also this question about quantities material
  4. Hi Matt Thank you for answering I confirm that he can't read the quantities materials. But for now the road is simple because it sees the object but does not read the quantities, presenting a zero that is immediately understood. From the worksheet I'm going back to the autohybrids, which are still inside symbols, so I'm solving pretty fast. And yes: every time the quantities change as expected For the BUG there is already the VB-191520. I hope it can be resolved quickly. We have many other projects to do Thanks
  5. I'm working on the final list and it's interesting because you can also understand several errors that are present in the model. Studying in detail I noticed that autohybrid objects do not allow you to calculate the quantities of materials. I also posted the VB-191520 @Matt Panzer please can I ask you in advance if you know a method to solve the problem? maybe i'm making a mistake like the one in the beam a few days ago. Thank you
  6. He we go. 1 tower concrete on the right, total amount on 3 towers on the left seems working well
  7. Good morning I found a way, it works and I'm happy because I'll be able to proceed with my work. To define a list of materials for design layer you need to: - a worksheet where you define only the criteria ‘material x is present’ and ‘design layer is..’ - the total sums are in the first row at the top of each criterion Comes a spreadsheet miles long because for now you can't merge the elements, so you need to: - another spreadsheet where you can report the data of the individual cells (connected) My opinion is that something smarter should be done in this direction. If the developers believe that my contribution can be useful, just write me in PM. Otherwise I can give my opinion and say that there is a big lack in the potential of the worksheet and materials for architectural projects. Thanks for the support
  8. I found the discussion more than a year ago made with@sbarrett So confirm what I thought: it's not possible to do what I need. I ask you what we can do: I think it is unacceptable that such an operation cannot be done for an architectural project. Can we all try to work together and solve this problem? I think it can interest a lot of people. What do you think about it? Thank you
  9. I think that criteria "type is material" Locates the material resource in the drawing, like a resource list is not compatible with "design layer is ..." Or can't do it. Material database takeoff derives 69 items. So I have to keep finding few materials in each design layer!
  10. Issues 1- Material Takeoff - Database get a correct full list 2- If I add "layer is --" whit "all criteria in this set" the worksheet is empty 3- If I add "layer is --" whit "any criteria in this set" the worksheet don't allow me to merge materials
  11. Thank you all for the support Excuse me, maybe I don't know enough about the software. I can't find the point to assign the design layer. Can I ask you to attach a screenshot, a small video? I need to figure out exactly which worksheet you're talking about and how to try to do this. Thanks in advance
  12. I need something similar, but able to split the quantity for each design layer
  13. @sbarrett good morning I seem to remember that some time ago I asked you something similar. But I'm not sure. The problem lies in easily defining the quantities of materials from objects such as walls or slabs with many components. For every single design layer. Each component has a material. The worksheet couldn't (and I still can't) merge the names of the materials to quickly calculate everything. It is a very important project, it could be a good thing to show. May I ask you what you think? Did you get to do some rehearsals? Thank you in advance
  14. Using any material is present, I need to check the quantity inside component wall etc. By this way, the quantity are not merged and see every single wall. Can I send you via PM a message with a dedicated link? thanks
  15. Good morning I am trying to obtain the area and volume of the materials to be derived for each design layer. In a linear and simple way. I've been trying for a long time, I haven't been able to do it yet. Has anyone been able to clearly extrapolate this data? Thank you
  16. yes, you can call it “super matryoska symbol level 4” 👍🏻
  17. Good morning Matt. I am still currently using a CW window with other objects modeled and converted to autohybrid all togheret in a symbol in walls which in turn have inserted beam objects as symbols. The problem had been resolved, but I had to reinsert the windows AFTER making the update. Unfortunately, project sharing has never been used. I don't know people who have the ability to handle complex projects with VW. Thank you
  18. I apologize in advance. For some things I'm interested in deepening, for others I'm not. If I may, ask a question. I have a M1max with 64GB of RAM. Sometimes I see that I struggle to do navigation and, above all, sheet layers and section viewports operations. Does it make sense to spend almost 8000 euros to take an M1ultra and wait for it 3 months, in the meantime comes ultra m2 or m3, extreme, planetarium, extramporalis, super Sayan level V processors? I know it's a simple question, maybe from newbies, but sometimes simple things are the best. (Obviously if you want to tell me which trades is best for and for which it wouldn't change much) Thank you @zoomer @Mark Aceto
  19. I really start to like this app 🤩 RPReplay_Final1655559561.mp4
  20. I suggest to create a hybrid symbol who you model auto hybrid object near parametric object. You can reference everything on the symbol x y z parameter. Then you can create a big symbol when you manage also the 2D hole. If there are part between wall and symbol who don't get well you can adjust them by continuingmodelng and autohybrid. I suggest to use material, so you can have the right representation on sections. Is not very smart but works
  21. the time factor is crucial. There are importan mac youtuber in Italy who in the absence of other software ready for apple silicon show Revit Benmchmark emulated on windows. The opportunity should be developed soon. The thing is simple to reproduce: it would be enough to duplicate objects on many design layers. Ore something needs high CPU/GPU processes But I recommend: do not put any structural elements, which could be a bad boomerang I wouldn't just focus on rendering. I wouldn't call it an exclusive field. thank you
  22. Hello. Believe me I can really understand you. I'm designing 13-story buildings with details down to the millimeter and everything has to match exactly what's going to happen in reality. I'm not telling you about the fact that I will probably be locked up in some strange hospital at the end of this job, but for the windows the only way I could go was this. I work with the Italian version. But I also spent several days figuring out which window to use. The Germans (from which the Italians derive) do important things, the USA other things. All together there is not. It's okay to get angry. But then you can understand that either you expect the tool that does everything to arrive, or you try to make a difference by trying to understand how to adapt the tools to your goal. From here a few weeks later, thanks to the German window, to many autohybrid objects, and to a lot of patience I was able to confirm that if they had ordered those windows they could throw them in the garbage because they simply did not fit in that building. Remember that the whole set can be saved as a symbol. Self-hybrid and parametric objects together. A symbol as sure as you know can go into the wall. I had prepared the base in 2021. Then in 2022 at the beginning there was a panic because for a period the holes of the old symbols did not work. Then they solved it luckily, because without the support for M1 and then M1max I don't know how I would have done it. So, in my opinion, you are right to get angry. But get angry to ask for improvements but study a method to get to the end anyway. I think it makes the difference between a user who knows how to use software and a user who takes that software, bangs it on the wall, and beats it until he does what he wants, exactly how he wants it. To do this, being angry can be helpful. Don't give up. Using Vectorworks need passion.
  23. Luis soi encantado de tanta meraviglia!
  24. Work started on 2021 but 70% was done on 2022
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