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    Vision plugin for VW

    I use VW2015 I installed vision plugin, I clik 'Edit vision Data' in VW to change fixture but I can't when I click 'select Differnt Fixture' I can't select what's problem?
  2. Hi I made clay paky alpha800qwo symbol, and I made a new file and tried to use that symbol. When I use that symbol, The symbol was recognized as a 2D / 3D symbol and I convert it to a light instrument , Instrument Tpye becomes blank. What's the problem? I fill in blank with ' AlphspotQWO800 32ch' and export LC, LC cognize it correctly.
  3. Youm

    Missing layers in navigation

    thank you so much !!!! My VW is fine now.
  4. Youm

    Missing layers in navigation

    Thanks for all answers I did - Restart VW2015 - Rebooting Computer - open other users VW file and send my file to other user > Others have no problem only in my VW There was no change in my computer before this case My display resolution is 1920*1200(recomended)
  5. Hi, I can't see design layers and class in navigation. what can I do to see class and design layers in Navigation


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