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  1. I am running 2017. I am doing a layout with tables (3d object that is part of the vw library). When i originally placed the tables they showed up fine (solid red). I switched to my page view and they were not there anymore. I activated the class and they would still not show up. I went to the layer view and they would not show up there either. I can see that they are still there because i can select them (small dots where they are located).
  2. How can I check that? I have made all classes and layers visible for all viewports. Thanks
  3. I am working on an existing drawing. I am trying to draw in trussing. When I go into the design layer (right click and edit design layer) and I place the truss on the drawing everything is fine until I click off the truss. At that point the truss disappears. I can hover over where it was placed and still click on it and it is selected but once I click off of it on the page it disappears again. Thanks


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